Xn8 Sports Parallette Black
Xn8 Sports Parallettes Black
Xn8 Sports Parallette Push Up Black
Xn8 Sports Parallette Black Color
Xn8 Sports Parallettes Black Color

Xn8 Sports Crossfit Parallette

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PARALLETTES BAR WITH INCREDIBLE STABILITY & STURDINESS: If you are looking for exceptional level of strength, stability and robustness, Xn8 Parallette Bars & Gymnastics Equipment Bars are the way to go. Something quite rare in most Crossfit gym equipment in the market.

ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED DIP BARS FOR HOME: Ergonomic design is as much of a distinction of these parallettes bars as is the strength and stability. That’s why these superb pushup bars are able to support bodyweight up to 20 stones or 127kg.

2 DIFFERENT TYPES OF CALISTHENIC BARS TO CHOOSE FROM: Pick either a pair of dips bars or handstand blocks, YOU WILL GET ONE PAIR OF PARALLETTE BARS ON ORDERING 1 ITEM. To have both of these, you need to order 2 items to enhance your gymnastics, calisthenics & Crossfit capabilities to the next level.

GYMNASTIC BARS FOR HOME WITH VARIED USES: Get as many uses out of these as you want, such as planche bars, handstand bar, dipping station, push up handles, lebert equalizer, pull up bar free standing or pull up stand for reverse pull ups and so forth.  

LIFETIME GUARANTEE PARRALETTE BARS: Absolutely confident of the premiere quality of our calisthenics bar & Crossfit bar with 38mm steel piping, you can enjoy a lifetime guarantee of this amazing piece of Crossfit gym equipment.


Bodyweight training often becomes a challenging proposition because of the inability to find strong, reliable and stable equipment. But not with Xn8 Parallette Bars & Gymnastics Equipment Bars, because these pack the best of everything together. From an ergonomic design to 38mm sturdy piping with matte black powder finish on the handles, everything simply inspires and pushes you to go beyond your boundaries. Enjoying extended sessions of your favourite bodyweight training endeavours will only become a matter of when rather than if, and for as long as you want with total ease and confidence. From things as simple as pushups, pullups and handstands to advanced gymnastics and Crossfit manoeuvres, there will be endless ways of taking care of your body at your disposal.

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