Passion to innovate the home gym training equipment has remained the driving force for Xn8 Sports to delve deep into the latest technology and to blend same with premier material when working on the final product. This kind of capital spending can easily force us to offer our products at high prices but we have kept them in check so you don’t have to think about compromising health for affordability.

It’s always a moment of great joy for me and my super talented team to see you putting trust in our brand for your home gym exercises. Feels so great seeing our customers making most of their fitness training using our equipment that they convey through their social media content or positive reviews.

Being vigilant of our customer needs has helped us stay on the right track to introduce amazing products that cater to all their fitness objectives. Affordability, top-quality, and great customer service have been the hallmark of Xn8 Sports so far.   

Believe that Xn8 Sports is from you and about you, so your valuable feedback matters the most that will also keep us informed of the improvements we must make.

~ Jawaid Iqbal