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Xn8 Sports Aerobic Stepper Plain

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High-Quality Plastic Construction: The Xn8 Sports aerobic stepper plane is built with the top-quality plastic material, which makes it durable. Can withstand 115kg of weight, while its wide surface makes it suitable for a range of fitness workouts.

Total Body Cardiovascular Workout: You can also adjust height of this aerobic stepper platform to enhance intensity of your workouts for acquiring the desired body shape faster and to improve your cardiovascular health. Step up and experience a superior workout from the comfort of your home!

Non-Slip Surface: It is a safe platform to perform variety of fitness workouts. You can also buy additional aerobic stepper risers to lift it up. Non-slippery bottom serves the right kind of traction and stability that you need for effective exercises.

Maintain Your Health: Our aerobic fitness stepper is helpful in burning your fat deposits and losing your weight. Regular exercising with this stepper would improve your blood circulation, thus it is a decent workout tool.

Lightweight And Portable: You can carry it anywhere you want as it comes with a lightweight and portable design. It is also easy to store this adjustable yoga stepper, just slide it under your couch or place it in your cupboard.


Step up your workouts with the Xn8 sports aerobic Stepper plane surface which helps you enhance your cardiovascular fitness. Its non-slip and shock-absorbing surface keeps your workout safe and softens the impact on your joints. You can use this cardio fitness step board to target hamstrings, increase the heart rate and strengthen your chest with alternating lunges, step-ups and elevated push-ups. With its three height options, one can customize this yoga step board to suit a particular workout. Built with top-quality PVC material, this aerobic stepper bench is long-lasting even with daily use. Our height-adjustable exercise stepper’s lightweight construction makes it easy to transport and its compact shape makes it easy to store. With this, you can easily incorporate regular cardio exercise into your workout to prevent high levels of blood pressure, thus avoiding the risk of developing heart diseases.

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