Xn8 Sports Ankle Support Strap

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SKU: Elastic-Foot-Strap (single)


Anti-Bacterial & Breathable Fabric: Made from breathable and soft material, Xn8 Sports Ankle Strap provides soothing warmth and boosts blood circulation. Its antibacterial fabric prevents the growth of bacteria, and keeps your feet dry and odour-free even after continuous and long hours of use.

Adjustable Criss-Cross Tightening: Criss-cross strapping is easy to freely wrap and adjust anywhere along the sleeve. This ankle support brace is not too bulky or not too thin, it is perfectly thick to easily wear with the shoes, and provides the required protection to the ankle at the same time.

Open-Heel Design & Wavy Silicone Straps: The open-heel design allows movement in all directions, and ensures flexibility to maintain your peak performance in sports including football, baseball, volleyball, hiking, cycling, running, soccer, etc. The wavy silicone straps provide stable support and prevent slippage, even during intense workouts.

Quick Recovery & Pain Relief: This open-heel ankle support sock is perfect to use for a speedy recovery post-surgery, and to prevent re-injury. It offers effective and fast relief from minor pain to severely sprained ankle, increases blood circulation, and provides gentle support and compression to the affected area.

Adjustable Size: This adjustable ankle brace fits almost all shoe sizes, and can be used on either left or right foot. Men, women, and children of all ages can wrap it to a customized fit. THIS LISTING & PRICE IS FOR A SINGLE ITEM. ORDER 2 PCS FOR PAIR, and enjoy the most reliable braces for ankle support.


Xn8 Sports Ankle Strap allows you to have full confidence in your injured ankle, and feel safe when performing day to day activities. You can wear it to reduce chronic pain of arthritis, strain, sprain, fatigue, or simply for extra support and protection during intense workouts. It accelerates natural recovery time, boosts blood circulation, and allows you to perform a wide range of activities from walking, to running and cycling. It helps to reduce the post-surgery stiffens, prevents swelling, and lets you maintain a full range of ankle movements. Manufactured using breathable and anti-bacterial material, it provides soothing warmth, and protects the foot from bacterial growth, moisture, and any kind of odour. Easy to adjust crisscross strapping makes this adjustable ankle guard easy to wrap and fit anywhere along the sleeve.