Xn8 Sports Gliding Discs Workout

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The Xn8 Sports gliding discs help you hit the tiniest muscle groups of the body and strengthen each of them individually. Let you perform low impact exercises and allow you to work on the flexibility and balance of your body.

These are one of the best gliding discs that are built with ABS plastic, making them durable and impact resistant; explicitly crafted for use on rough floors. The other side has dotted fabric, which is helpful on flat and smooth surfaces.

Xn8 gliding discs are highly effective workout accessories that help you shape your body. Used by people of all ages, particularly fitness freaks and runners, to strengthen their body muscles. Perfect stress releasing accessories that are useful for all, both at home and outside.

Strengthening body muscles and developing abs are few of these gliding discs workouts. Lightweight and compact shape make them easy to carry and use anywhere you have time. Therefore, working on fitness now is never a problem for athletes. 

We serve our customers with serving them top quality products at reasonable prices. However, if you are not satisfied with the gliding discs, feel free to return them within 30 days to get a replacement or refund.


The Xn8 sports gliding discs are supporting athletes and fitness enthusiasts to burn their body fats and make them appear sharp. Our high-quality sliding discs would improve your body’s overall fitness, along with helping you make your muscles strong and flexible. Featuring durable ABS plastic on the shiny side for making them usable on rough surfaces, such as carpeted floors. The other side has a dotted fabric that serves you maximum friction on smooth surfaces. Useful for various low impact exercises and with lightweight, you can carry it anywhere using your gym bag or backpack. These two-sided, non-scratch gliders feature high-quality ABS plastic on one side and premium fabric on the other for safe and comfortable use on hardwood, tile, and carpet surfaces. Ultimately, our portable fitness gliding discs are a pair of top-quality workout accessories for you to get into the desired body shape.