Xn8 Sports Rubber Kettlebells
Xx8 Sports Rubber Kettlebell Set 4KG
Xn8 Sports Champion Barbell Rubber Kettlebell 6KG
Xn8 Sports Rubber Kettlebell 8KG
Xn8 Sports Kettlebell Workout 12KG
Xn8 Sports Kettlebell Set 16KG
Xn8 Sports Kettlebell Sale 20KG
Xn8 Sports Rubber Kettlebell
Xn8 Sports Rubber Kettlebell
Xn8 Sports Rubber Kettlebell
Xn8 Sports Rubber Kettlebell

Xn8 Sports Rubber Kettlebell

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Xn8 Sports Rubber Kettlebells make sure that you get the best in style, practicality, comfort, convenience and efficacy. You can choose from a whole range, i.e. 4kg kettlebells, 6kg kettle bells, kettlebells 8kg, 12 kg kettle weights, kettlebells 16kg & 20kg kettlebells.

Our gym kettlebell is a premiere quality item, offering you the collective benefits of a hardwearing solid metal core and a sturdy rubber upholstery. On top, high quality chrome handles ensure you a stable, reliable and long-lasting grip.

The resilient black rubber coating on our kettlebells for men and women is not there for great aesthetics, but it also protects your body and the floor surface underneath from any damage. Flat-bottomed design helps with greater stability on the ground.

SOLD AS A SINGLE KETTLE BELL (not the whole set). This means you are required to order and pay for every single weight variation separately if you want to complete your kettlebells set for men and women.

With ideally sized and positioned chromed handles, our amazon kettlebell is known for its multipurpose nature, helping you add it into a whole range of workouts with total ease and confidence. Great for weight loss as well as weight gain.


If you yearn to engage in a consistent fitness regime leading to enhanced fitness goals, you better resort to a fitness accessory as effective and diverse as Xn8 Sports Rubber Kettle Bells. It brings you great ease, comfort, safety and efficacy due to a combination of solid metal core upholstered in durable rubber. Our kettle bells set comes with flat bottom, which adds to their stability on ground, just as the chromed handles assist you with a reliable and solid grip. Moreover, the rubber coating also makes sure the floor surface remains safe from any potential damage even if you go a little casual about putting them on ground. AVAILABLE AS A SINGLE ITEM (not the whole set), you can choose from a whole range of options, i.e. 4kg kettlebells, 6kg kettle bells, kettle bells 8kg, 12 kg kettle weights, kettle bells 16kg & 20kg kettlebells.

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