Xn8 Sports Rubber Weight Plates Set
Xn8 Sports Rubber Weight Plates
Xn8 Sports Rubber Weight Plates
Xn8 Sports Rubber Weight Plates 20Kg
Xn8 Sports Rubber Weight Plates
Xn8 Sports Rubber Weight Plates
Xn8 Sports Rubber Weight Plates

Xn8 Sports Rubber Weight Plates

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The Xn8 Sports bumper weight plates are crafted with premium quality and dense rubber material, serving them the required durability and longevity. They have smooth corners that won’t damage your working platform or floor, even when you drop them accidentally.

Our bumper plates are not only excellent to work on your weight lifting exercises, but one can also use them for a variety of other workouts, including Plate push-ups, front shoulder raise, Lateral raise, and more.

They are crafted adroitly by the experts to fit the standard barbell and have the 2-inch stainless steel centre ring. You can also put them in your bag to transport them anywhere you would want to work on improving your body’s strength and flexibility.

Two rubber weight plates of 5 kg are sold in a pair (10 kg together), while the 20kg plate is available for sale as a single unit. They are good to work on your fitness, both at home and at the gym.

These gym plates are manufactured by expert artisans using top-quality materials so they would keep their shape for years. Further, you can also count on our professional customer care to discuss any issue you have with this purchase.


Are you a weight lifter who is looking for a pair of bumper plates for his home gym? Or you are a gym owner looking to replace your steel weight plates with a safe and less noisy option? The Xn8 Sports rubber bumper weight plates boast of the top-quality rubber that serves them durability and longevity, reducing the noise by a high percentage. Most importantly, when dropped accidentally, they won’t damage your floor or the platform. The steel centre ring is carefully placed that would make the weight plates fit the standard barbell size of 2 inches. Besides being used for weight lifting, these bumper plates are also excellent to make you work on other fitness activities, such as push-ups, shoulder raise, and more.

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