Xn8 Sports Weight Bench Adjustable

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Adjustable Weightlifting Bench With Heavy Duty Built: Xn8 Sports Adjustable Weightlifting Bench has a strong and durable frame. It is made of high-quality strong steel pipes that have a diameter of 50 mm and a thickness of 2 mm. You can do heavy weightbearing workouts without any trouble due to its strong built.

Total Body Workout Options: Xn8 Sports weight training bench allows you to do a variety of workouts and training sessions that involve biceps, chest, triceps, calves and all other muscle groups. In fact, you get a pair of exercise ropes totally for free with it, helping you target your biceps and shoulders in particular.

Optimal And Convenient Adjustability: Our adjustable workout bench is a foldable bench that can be adjusted to 6+3 different positions (6 backrest and 3 seat adjustment positions), so that you can target all major muscle groups of your body without much of a fuss. You can adjust it to different levels of flat, upright, incline and decline positions.

Easily Adaptable: With an approximate dimension of L=48 x W=15 x H=8 inches, this adjustable exercise bench is very versatile and adaptable. You can use training equipment such as half cages and squat racks by pairing with it as well as the free ropes you get when your purchase it.

Comfortable And Stable: Our foldable weight training bench not only offers you the best of practicality and durability, but also the aesthetics, thanks to the premium quality LAMINA hide leather upholstery. To ensure the highest level of comfort, you also get ample padding on the seat and backrest.


Xn8 Sports Adjustable Weightlifting Bench lets you customise a variety of adjustable positions for every muscle group of the body. You can adjust the backrest to six positions such as flat, incline, decline, and straight-up positions, whereas the seat can be adjusted to three different positions. Its foam padding makes it comfortable to work on. This adjustable exercise bench can be paired to use with other exercise equipment as well. Apart from training in the gym, you can use this foldable training bench from the comfort of your home and train at your own time. This multiuse adjustable workout bench is as ideal for beginner gym enthusiasts as it is to professional and advanced fitness junkies. Xn8 Sports Adjustable Weight Bench easily supports a user weight of about 115kg and a weight load of about 200kg.