Xn8 Sports Leather Weightlifting Belt 4"

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  • Your back might hurt when you try lifting heavy weights for hours, isn’t it? Don’t worry as we know a way to avoid such inconvenience and that is none other than owning a back support accessory, such as the Xn8 Sports weight lifting belt that also helps to maintain better body balance and posture.
  • Expertly crafted by the experts using genuine Cowhide leather that makes it durable and long-lasting, while the robust stitching makes it tear and wear-resistant. Apart from weightlifting, you can also wear this support belt for any physical activity that would require you to put pressure on the back.
  • It is 4-inch in width and has a soft D-max sponge behind the golden embroidery to make your back feel great comfort, even when you put it on for a long period of heavy weight lifting. Our weight lifting belt for men weighs light and doesn’t irritate the skin even when worn directly to the skin.
  • Featuring an oil-tanned leather surface that makes it appear shiny and makes it cleaning effortless. Helps to maintain balance and creates better body biomechanics. Suitable back support accessory for both personal and commercial use.  What’s different about our new weightlifting belt? Unlike others, its inside is also leather.
  • Our lumbar back brace support has 8 suitably gaped holes to help you make quick adjustments suiting your waist using the metal buckle with two prongs. For whatever reason, if you are not satisfied with any of our products after purchase, feel free to count on our professional yet friendly customer care.


If you are looking to own a top-quality weightlifting belt, you are in the right spot with the Xn8 Sports 4-inch weightlifting belt. Manufactured with premium quality Cowhide Leather that provides it durability and longevity, while double stitching further adds to its strength and make it resists the wear and tear of usual practice. Our gym belt also has leather inner that provides you a soft feel and makes our product feel different from others in the market at this price range. Wearing this to your workouts will not only prevent back pain but also will help you have stabilization of upper and lower body and better body biomechanics. You can adjust this belt on your waist using any of the 8 holes with a two-prong metal buckle.