Xn8 Acupressure Massage set with Massage Stick Roller

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SKU: Acupressure Mat (Grey) + Massage-Stick-M5-Blue

Offering the medically-proven acupressure massage set together with the finest quality and hot-selling massage stick roller, we are thrilled to have reached our objective of coming up with a tempting deal for you to grab and gift this Black Friday Sale or Christmas Sale Day. Two of the very best pain-relieving tools are on offer at a huge discounted price and free delivery. It is something you can’t let go of since they’ll cost big on normal days! Plus, you already have hit the jackpot, if the receiver you have in mind is an athlete or someone who puts a great time in working out daily and thus often have muscle cramps, back pain, or more.

Package Details

  • This enticing gift package contains an acupressure massage set in blue comprised of an acupressure mat, acupressure pillow, full-body massage cushion, and spike ball together with the premium quality massage stick roller in blue.
  • Acupressure mat and pillows are upholstered with the premium cotton fabric and have EPE foam padding, while therapeutic plastic-built spikes are spread all over the top.
  • A massage stick roller is built with the first-class plastic material that assures its longevity and has four blunt spindles with two ergonomic grip handles.
  • The spread-out spikes on the acupressure mat and pillow set hit the tiniest pressure points of the body to roll out the nagging pain.
  • A massage stick roller is very effective to alleviate uncomfortable muscle pain normally experienced after you give your best in running or other physical workouts.