Xn8 Dotted Aerobic Stepper and Dual Layer Resistance Band (Black)

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SKU: (Black) Stepper + R-Band (Double Colour) - BLACK

Step up your game with Xn8’s superb combo deal of great cardio equipment and fitness guru’s favourite ‘aerobic stepper’ along with a super stretchy resistance band. This cost-effective deal is available to everyone on the Black Friday sale, and this is a great opportunity to buy gifts for your lovelies. If you happen to miss this opportunity, don’t worry. Our Christmas sale most definitely will make it up to you. Get free delivery with your purchase because we want to end this year for you on a high note.


Package Detail

  • This ideal gift package features a lightweight, black colour aerobic stepper in combination with a strength-enhancing dual-layer resistance band in the same colour.
  • Aerobic stepper contrived using a fine-quality PVC plastic material is durable and long-lasting, whereas, latex manufacturing of the resistance band makes it elasticated and durable.
  • This aerobic stepper comes with height adjusting steps and a dotted surface to help you practice conveniently.
  • The compact design of the resistance band makes it an ideal home gym accessory to carry it anywhere you want.
  • Burn body fat, lose weight, and improve cardiovascular health with the help of our aerobic stepper. Whereas the resistance band can be used for strength building and toning of muscles.