Xn8 Leather Boxing Gloves with Hand Wraps

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SKU: Leather-GlovesT500-12oz + Hand-wraps-Black

Combining the crackerjack, top-of-the-line boxing gloves contrived of pure cowhide leather with the professionally tested and skin-friendly hand wraps, Xn8 wants you to invest in the best gift for your loved ones. This means you can now stop scrolling through best deals on offer by different sellers this Black Friday sale or Christmas Sale day and check out with this in your cart that would be delivered to you free of cost.

Product Details

  • The exceptional gift package contains our top-of-the-line, exquisite, and professionally tested boxing gloves together with the amazing and skin-friendly hand wraps in black.
  • Boxing gloves are one of our premium quality products and hence are useful for punch bag training as well as professional fights. Hand wraps assure excellent protection of your hands and fingers.
  • Pure cow-hide leather is used while contriving these boxing gloves and are amply padded for great fist position and protection. Hand wraps feature the blend of optimum fabrics.
  • Both of them have a robust hook and loop closure mechanism that makes you put them on and off effortlessly. While reinforced stitching of gloves further adds to its strength.