Xn8 New Inner Gloves and Boxing Gloves G-400

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SKU: G400-Glove (New Gold)-8oz + InnerGelGlv-B-Gold-S

The breathable, stretchable, and comfortable inner gloves combined with the professional and highly-demanded boxing gloves on offer by Xn8 Sports as Christmas sale and Black Friday sale gift for your loved ones take the cake. Since that’s one of the best deals that you’ll love to invest in for your loved ones on the auspicious Christmas Eve or to make their holidays more blissful. Why won’t it stay one of the best deals and that too when offered with the free delivery?

Product Details

  • The gift package contains contemporary and professionally tested Xn8’s boxing gloves in golden colour and a pair of inner boxing gloves in black with golden details.
  • Both of these combat gear are meticulously contrived with the premium quality Lamina hide leather that assures their longevity and makes them tear-resistant as well.
  • Boxing gloves are suitable for training, sparring as well as professional fights, while the inner gloves keep your hands protected beneath the gloves.
  • Equipped with the robust hook and loop strap that is expertly stitched making you put on and off these training and fighting accessories effortlessly.