Xn8 Sports 6mm PVC Yoga Mat and Single Layer Resistance Band (Purple)

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SKU: Purple-Yoga-Mat + R-Band (Single Colour) - Purple

Become fitness pro with Xn8 Sports’ sale offer of specially designed PVC yoga mat in combination with hot-selling single layer resistance bands. This irresistible offer guarantees the customers a satisfactory experience and value of money. Whether it’s a Black Friday sale or Christmas sale, Xn8 does not compromise on delivering its best to the customers. Grab this fantastic deal before the sale ends and leave the delivery on you. You’ll get your valued item on your doorstep without costing you the delivery charges. You may not get this service for too long, therefore, it’s about time to totally exploit these Black Friday and Christmas sales.


Package Detail


  • This package comes in a combination of an eco-friendly and non-toxic yoga mat with a portable and lightweight single-layer resistance band. This deal is color-coordinated and is available in purple color.
  • The yoga mat is manufactured using fine-quality PVC material that gives it both aesthetics and safety, whereas, the resistance band contrived using friendly latex makes it stretchable and long-lasting.
  • The PVC yoga mat is 6mm dense but has low-weight. It is water-resistant and offers a non-slip texture, so you perform safely. On the other hand, the resistant band takes a compact shape, which makes it easy to carry and store.
  • Our yoga mat is multi-purpose and can be used for yoga sessions, Pilates, push-ups, and any kind of workout, whereas the resistance band serves you well in stretching, muscle toning, and strength exercises.