Xn8 Sports Acupressure Mat Set and Massage Stick Roller (Green)

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SKU: Acupressure Mat (Black) + Massage-Stick-M5-Green

If you are looking for some super relaxing tool in the market, then know that Xn8 Sports has come to your rescue with a hot deal. Based on the centuries-old Chinese method, we have in store for you a unique de-stressing acupressure mat set, a complete set not just a mat, and a muscles-relaxing massage stick roller. We all know someone who feels knackered 24/7 due to a tough daily routine. Now is a time to gift him or her this specialized package because on this Black Friday sale, we are offering you some of the amazing deals you’ll find nowhere online. To double your happiness, stay with us for the Christmas sale right after that. Don’t worry about the delivery charges; it’s on the house.

Package Detail

  • This deal offers you a therapeutic combo of acupressure mat set compromising full body massage cushion, acupressure massage pillow, and a spike ball, with a portable massage stick in a matching green color.
  • Mat and pillow set includes tactically placed acupoints in the form of spikes, cotton removable cover, and EPE foam padding. The massage stick, on other hand, is manufactured using high-quality ABS material to make it durable.
  • The mat set comes with a carry strap, is lightweight and portable, whereas the massage stick has four rollers on it with adequate gap and two no-slippery handles for your convenience.
  • Use this acupressure mat set to relax your whole body by getting a thorough body massage. To complement it further, boost your energy, eliminate soreness, and relieve muscle tension with our massage stick roller.