Xn8 Sports Standing Punch Bag Combat Cruze

SKU: Unfilled-PB-CruZe-Blue-4ft

Nothing compares to the Xn8 Sports Combat Cruze Unfilled punching bag at this price range. Since this home gym training equipment is carefully contrived with the premium Lamina Natal Hide leather which mild grainy surface glitters in light and stays in working form for years to come. You also get to choose from two size variations of 4ft and 5ft, while it arrives with a steel chain and a pair of decent-quality boxing mitts. This hanging punch bag simply the best boxers, kickboxers, and even Muay Thai enthusiasts can get to work on sharpening their skills from home comfort.


  • Suitable for boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai enthusiasts to rock their skills at home before the big day.
  • Contrived with the premium Lamina Natal Hide leather that is expertly stitched for longevity.
  • Comes unfilled and needs you to put in unused textiles so it gets ready taking your punches and kicks.
  • This ideal fitness equipment for a home gym is available in 4ft and 5ft sizes.
  • The package contains a steel chain and a pair of boxing mitts of decent quality.