Xn8 Sports Filled Punching Bag for Kickboxing

SKU: Filled-PunchBag-BEATEM-BLACK-4ft


Lamina hide leather upholstery of the Xn8 Sports Beat ‘em Series filled punch bag serves it durability and longevity, also makes it washable and resistant to wear and tear of usual practice. Doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or beginner, this is the best punching bag right now you can own in this price range.

The punch bag comes filled with sand and has 4-channel pannel with swivel for rotation when connected to bracket. Further to get you started on the exercise instantly, we have included a set of two decent quality bag mitts that arrives with this purchase.

The boxing bag is a good enough workout gadget to get you started on upper body training at home. Suitable for Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing enthusiasts to start working on training effectively for the upcoming contest.

Available in both 4ft and 5ft sizes, plus, takes minimal efforts to get connected to the bracket when needed. Suitable for both beginners and professionals and even for kids to work on their skills of boxing, kickboxing, and more.  

We have crafted our boxing bag using premium quality materials so it never disappoints you with longevity and reliability. You can count on our professional customer care in case you are not satisfied with this or any other of our sports and fitness gadgets.


Looking to acquire a premium quality boxing bag for home gym to improve your boxing or kickboxing skills before the all-important upcoming fight? Go for none other than the Xn8 Sports Beat ‘em series filled punch bag that is meticulously crafted with Lamina hide leather and stitched to perfection by expert artisans to keep it in working condition for years to come. It arrives with a 4-channel pannel that has a swivel for smooth rotation when connected to the wall or ceiling bracket. With this purchase, you get bag mitts in black upholstered in lamina hide leather free of cost that will get you started instantly on improving your punch bag trainings. Perfect for Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing, and for other combat sports enthusiasts to work on strengthening their punching skills together with improving their overall cardiovascular health.