Xn8 Sports Groin Guard with MMA Gloves

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SKU: Groin-Guard-(S) + MMAGlv-BEAT(Black)-S

Xn8 when combining the highly-demanded and professionally-tested MMA gloves from the top-of-the-line and creditworthy Beat ‘em series with the most reliable and skin-friendly Groin guard has intended to offer you one of the best deals you can get on the Christmas Sale or Black Friday Sale day. It’s already a fabulous combination and if the receiver you have in mind has a flair for this combat sport, then it’s the best you can get, no question asked. Besides the best products on offer at a huge discounted price, you also get the package delivered free of cost.

Product Details:

  • The fabulous gift package contains our top-of-the-line and most reliable Beat ‘em Series MMA gloves and highly-protective groin guard.
  • The MMA gloves are suitable for both practices and professional fights as they protect your hands and assist you in grappling the opponent. Groin guard immaculately protects the important region.
  • The pair of gloves are expertly upholstered with the exclusive lamina hide leather and amply padded at the suitable spots. The Groin guard is skin-friendly and has a latex waist band.
  • Half-finger design and long hook & loop closure strap make you put on and off our MMA gloves effortlessly. The jockstrap has ABS built protective cup to guard even against the heaviest blows.