Xn8 Sports Kids Boxing gloves (Tiger) with Hand wraps

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SKU: Kids Gloves (Tiger)-4oz + BoxWraps-Black

The Xn8’s crackerjack kids boxing gloves in combination with the exquisite and stretchable hand wraps are sure to make it to the list of the best deals on offer this Christmas sale or Black Friday sale day. Particularly when your kid has just started with this phenomenal combat sport and needs proper support to practice the right way. Plus with the hand wraps included in the package, he/she most certainly would learn how to wrap them around perfectly for optimum hand protection. All this coupled with free delivery makes it one of the best deals, so why would you invest your precious time in searching for others?

Product Details

  • This amazing gift package is meant for kids as it contains the impeccable Xn8 kids’ boxing gloves having the tiger face vector printed on it together with highly-protective hand wraps.
  • Kids can use the pair of these gloves for both the punch bag practice as well as boxing contests on all levels. Hand wraps are professionally used to secure your hands when striking.
  • Boxing gloves feature the premium tear-resistant lamina hide leather upholstery and hand wraps are contrived with an optimum blend of top-quality fabrics.
  • The hook and loop fastening strap incorporated on the kids' boxing gloves make them easy to put on and off, while the hand wraps use the same quick yet secure fastening technique.