Xn8 Sports PVC 6mm Yoga Mat and Resistance Band Single Layer (Green)

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SKU: Yoga Mat (Green:) + R-Band (Single Colour) - Green

Do you know Xn8 has an amazing deal to offer you on this Black Friday sale? You’ll get a fine-quality yoga mat in combination with a super stretchy and portable single-layer resistance band. Whether you have to gift to your fitness freak friend, family member, or even better to yourself- this deal is worth every penny you’ll spend on it. And don’t worry if you, by chance, miss it on the Black Friday sale because the Christmas sale will be right there to cheer you up. Why wait when you can avail the discounted price along with free delivery. Now that’s the cherry on the top. You’ll be charged none for the delivery of your purchase.


Package Detail

  • This package consists of an environment-friendly and reliable yoga mat with a combination of stretchable and easily transportable single-layer resistance band. Both products are in green colour.
  • Yoga mat is contrived using a durable and long-lasting material PVC, whereas, the tensile latex material is used in the manufacturing of the resistance band.
  • The PVC yoga mat has high density and low weight. 6mm cushioning ensures your safety while exercising and it comes with a carrying strap. Likewise, the compact size of the resistance band makes it easy for you to carry it anywhere.
  • Use our yoga mat for a range of activities including yoga, stretching, push-ups, planks, and Pilates. While the resistance band helps you build strength and perform stretching effortlessly.