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Xn8 Weighted Vest with Nylon Ankle Weights

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SKU: Vest-FEMALE-Black-3.5kg + Ankle-Wgt-(Pink) - (0.5x2=1kg)

Xn8 sports on this Black Friday sale day and Christmas Sale day, presenting you one of the best deals when you can see the top-notch weighted vest on sale together with professionally-tested nylon ankle weights. Can serve as an ideal gift for someone who loves being involved in fitness or strength training drills on a regular basis. Why are we counting it among the best deals on offer right now? Because you have a chance to own the superb strength and endurance training accessories with such discounted prices and most importantly with free delivery.

Package Details

  • This scintillating Xn8’s gift package contains the high in-demand weighted vest black together with the highly-ergonomic and top-quality nylon ankle weights (pink).
  • The ankle weights are crafted with premium quality nylon fabric that is stitched to perfection, whereas the weighted vest is contrived with elasticated neoprene fabric.
  • We have incorporated 4 functional and durable buckles and 6 weight pockets that you can take out for weight adjustments, while you also have the option to pick one from the 5kg weighted vest or 5kg weighted vest.
  • We have incorporated two hook and loop closure straps in our ankle weights that are robustly stitched. Available weight pair: 0.5kg set, 0.75kg set, 1.5kg set, 1.5kg set, 2kg set, 2.5kg set, and 3kg set.