Xn8 Sports Yoga Ball 75cm

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Premium Quality, Non-Toxic PVC Yoga Ball: Xn8 Sports Yoga Ball is designed and produced to give you the best, taking care of your fitness needs just as it takes care of environmental health concerns. That’s why we have used the top-grade toxic-free PVC material in manufacturing it.

Skid Resistant, Water Resistant and Anti-Burst Yoga Ball: You get a whole bunch of convenient and practical features in our pregnancy ball. High quality PVC material incorporates flexibility, durability, burst-resistance and special anti-skid lines across it enable it to offer great grip.

Multipurpose Yoga Ball for Everyone: Our exercise ball is designed to serve people of all ages and genders equally efficiently, assisting them with almost everything from simple yoga and balancing workouts to birthing ball exercises. That’s what makes it one of the most sought-after home gym equipment.

Yoga Balls for Sale in a Huge Variety of Colours: While most yoga balls on the market offer you just a few colours to choose from, we have a large cache of colours for you reaching up to 20 colours. That’s why most people are able to find one or the other colour of their choice from us.

Free of Cost Air Pump: If you thought you would only be getting a top-quality gym ball, you are totally wrong, because you would also be getting a user-friendly air pump totally free. This would enable you to inflate or deflate the exercise ball whenever you want and move it around at your convenience.


It’s quite unfortunate that so many people fail to take good care of their health and fitness. And those who do indulge in fitness activities, often confine themselves to weight training, neglecting the flexibility and agility aspects. However, with something as convenient and practical as Xn8 Sports Yoga Ball, you don’t need to compromise on any aspect of your health and fitness, because it is specially designed and developed to offer significant assistance in balance, flexibility and agility. It is crafted out of high-quality PVC material, lacking any harmful and toxic materials, so that you can take care of your health without affecting the environment. This also makes it water-resistant and burst resistant, not to mention the anti-skid lines all across it, which enable it to offer great grip to someone on top of it and also on the surface below. Available in a range of about 20 colours to choose from, also offering a convenient air pump free of cost.