Why Dumbbells Are Must-Have Fitness Equipment for women?

Dumbbells have to be one of the most famous home gym equipment, and why they won't be when they have so much to offer? I understand that some people are not really into using weights as they feel contented or more precisely on a safe side only on their yoga mat. I am especially talking about the women population who are reluctant to incorporate free weights into their fitness routine. Their fear might have been rooted in the myth that dumbbells will make them bulky and masculine. Sure, a picture of a man showing off his heavily muscular body may have sent waves of displeasure in them, but the truth is far from that.


Dumbbells are a highly efficient training tool that you can use for a variety of purposes. You want to be muscular, lift those bulkier dumbbells weighing 20 pounds or more. You want to work on toning your body, these beauties are there to help. If you want to enhance the intensity of your workout, mix them with whatever type of training you do. So basically, whatever it is that you want to accomplish in your fitness goals, dumbbells fit in perfectly. But clear your mind first that dumbbells are not only for men.

If you are one of those women who are in sixes and sevens on whether or not to use the dumbbells for training, just take my advice and ‘take a leap of faith.’ And if you want to know the reasons, give this blog a read to have clarity of mind. Let’s begin with this:

What are Dumbbells?

Dumbbells are the most popular and pretty basic weightlifting training tool. These have weights on both sides of the handles and are designed in such a way that you can easily grip them from the bar. The more there will be a weight on either side of the bar, the heavier the dumbbells will be.

Dumbbells come in different sizes, weights, materials, and colours, plus they have two basic types – fixed and adjustable. As the name implies, weight remains the same and cannot be changed in the fixed dumbbells. Whereas weight can be adjusted in the adjustable dumbbells by adding as many weight plates on the bar as you deem suitable for you. To keep the weight plates intact in their place, these adjustable dumbbells pairs come with the locker.

In this topic, I will especially focus on the neoprene dumbbell set, because I think neoprene coating on dumbbells in vibrant colours and its non-slip grip is not only attractive but also safe to use. Especially for ladies!

Reasons to Start Doing Dumbbell Exercises

Let's highlight the reasons why you should start practicing dumbbell exercises because, trust me, you are already missing out on so many things.

Reason # 1: You’ll Have a Sculpted Body

Yeah, sure, cardio is working out just fine for you, and you may think you don't need to modify anything in your fitness routine, but you do. Cardio can be everything you need, but these little wonders can help you shape your body the way you have desired. That being said, if you want to see curves in your body, it's time to up your fitness game by adding weights to your daily exercise routine. And what else can be a perfect choice than lifting dumbbells?  Easily accessible, non-slip neoprene coating and lively colours giving you a girly flair.

Reason # 2: You’ll Target Different Muscle Groups

You might have been listening out that dumbbells are only good for the biceps, but that's the kind of misinformation you need to avoid.  This training tool is equally good to tone different parts of your body including your back, core, glutes, and calves. You’ll be able to work on multiple muscle groups through compound exercises using this fitness equipment. Plan you also can practice control through dumbbell exercises which will help you build stabilizing muscles. Since training with dumbbells allows more flexibility in your muscles, there are fewer chances of you getting injured during a workout.

Reason # 3: You’ll Gain Strength in Muscles

There is a common misconception among women that weight training will give them a masculine look as they’ll grow muscles with regular training. But here, I want all you ladies to understand the science behind it. Women have fewer hormones than men that cause muscle hypertrophy, which is basically a reason that you won’t turn into a masculine figure.

With strength training, men usually gain more muscle hypertrophy, i.e. bigger muscles, than women because of the effects of testosterone. Strength gains are the result of muscle recruitment and muscle hypertrophy, and women have the same capacity for achieving strength gains as men. However, due to a lack of testosterone, women have less muscle density.

Source: How Muscle Development Differs for Women

Dumbbell exercises tone the muscles, build stamina and enhance core strength, and makes you fit internally. Plus, with strengthened core and shoulder muscles, you’ll have better posture. It also reduces lower back pain once your body posture is correct and also gives you a confident gait.

Reason # 4: You’ll Build Muscle Endurance

If you are a woman athlete, then you would totally understand the importance of muscle endurance, especially for sports. In any sport, you have to engage your muscles for a long time. You can improve your ability to use the strength from your muscles with the help of resistance training, which will allow you to take part in the sports more actively.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, start with the lightweights for low-intensity workouts and gradually increase the weight for improved endurance. Over time, you’ll build lean and strong muscles, and will burn more calories even when your body will be in the resting phase.

Reason # 5: You’ll Burn More Fats

Yes, 30 minutes of cardio sessions indeed burn more calories than the 30 minutes of resistance training. But the key is, cardio burns calories only when you are exercising. Studies have shown that our body burns more calories during the resting phase after strength training due to the increased rate of metabolism.

How cool is it that you burn calories even when you are just slouching on a couch or at work? For girls, this should be enough reason to convince themselves into buying a neoprene dumbbell set right away.

Now that I've elaborated few reasons to assure you of the effectiveness of this fitness equipment, I'd like to add some safety too.

Safety Tips

Before ordering your dumbbell set, I want you to understand how to use them in the right way to maximize the effects of the dumbbells exercises.

  • If you are a complete beginner, I'd recommend you start with a lighter weight, say 2 or 3 kg each. And once you pick the routine, just increase the weight limit to challenge your body. It's better if you ask for advice from a fitness expert on the choice of weight. Because you'll be able to maximise the benefits from the dumbbell exercises if you know what is the appropriate weight for you to lift according to your fitness level.
  • Warm-up before the workout is a must. A good 5- 10 minutes of the warm-up session is enough to prepare your muscles before performing weight training exercises. Do stretching, walk, or run for 5 minutes to warm up your body.
  • As a beginner, learning the correct technique to lift weight is all you need to focus on instead of the number of repetitions. With the right technique, you’ll know which muscle group to target, and with controlled movement, there will be a lesser chance of injury.
  • Choosing the right weight is the key to have effective outcomes of the workout. If the weight is too heavy, you’ll struggle to maintain the form. If it is too low, your muscles won’t feel enough strain.
  • Do not lose focus on breathing while exercising. Inhale when you lift the weight and exhale when you are back to the normal position. Breathing properly will let the oxygen pass to your muscles when they will be working hard. Plus, it will also grade up the efficiency of your workout.


Dumbbells are one of the renowned and undeniably everyone's favourite piece of equipment. Although, I have to admit that most of the women have remained hesitant to pumping the iron because of the assumption that they might grow muscles, like men. That’s why I thought to come up with reasons that will wash off this misconception and convince women to start using this little beauty, I am sure your next purchase will be the dumbbells. Want a sparkly colour to match your workout apparel?

 I'll highly recommend the neoprene dumbbell set. Not only because of the colour, but this material is also long-lasting and non-slippery. If you are looking for them in the market, I suggest you choose the Xn8 Sports neoprene dumbbell set. The company sells top-quality fitness and combat products, which means you can get your hands on other fitness equipment you need from this one-stop online store.

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