Dumbbells Workout for Lean Muscles

Dumbbells are always trendy. Who can deny it? They have always remained fitness freak’s number one home gym equipment. We all know why. This gym tool, in particular, is used by the physical trainers and gym enthusiasts for building the arm muscles. But does this amazing tool have no other duty to perform other than helping us built the most attractive biceps? Oh yes, it does have other specialties up its sleeve.

Enter in any gym, you’ll see aisles and corners of the floor crowded with free weights, and trust me, only the sight of them is enough to boost your motivation. No doubt, plenty of fitness equipment has revolutionized the fitness industry, and every tool is tailored-made to cater to the specific needs of individuals.


If you have set yourself goals that are related to strength training, then there are unlimited options for you to explore and experiment with. You can choose barbells, weight machines, yoga balls, kettlebells, sandbags, or dumbbells – the options are widely available to you. If you have joined a gym or started working out at home, then it's obvious that you are striving to change the way your body looks. We understand your desire to look freaking good in your outfits, and why not? Having a chiselled body is not a tough nut to crack; it only needs the right planning and dedication from your side. Weight lifting a.k.a strength or resistance training is ideal to lose weight and build muscles, and equipment like dumbbells, if used for full-body training not only tone your body, but also offers multiple strength outcomes.

“If you just do cardio, you’re sabotaging yourself. Your metabolism will actually go down, making weight loss more difficult. Resistance training, however, builds muscle to increase your metabolic rate.”

Source: 13 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Workout

Make Every Set Count with Supersets

We all know that lifting a dumbbell to perform few sets of curls will certainly bulk up our muscles, but let’s think about beyond biceps. Take a pair of dumbbells and start training with a plan, and see how your body changes after a few times. Remember, good things take time, so expect the outcomes with time. But you'll sure notice the change.

 For instance, let's take a challenge of four different dumbbells workouts four days a week for four weeks. Plan your workout in the form of supersets, which means you'll do a number of exercises back to back to keep your muscles under tension for a longer time.  This, undoubtedly, is the most effective way to incorporate dumbbells in your training; it will help you lose fat deposits along with building your desired muscles. Supersets are a hard way to train, but sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and trust the outcomes because it is definitely worth it.

Theory behind Dumbbells Training with Supersets

Want to know how this training plan works out? Then keep reading because we are going to dissect every step for you.

Each Week Targets Different Body Parts

Pay special attention to number four now as it is a four-week training program that will make you lift those dumbbells four days per week, and each week will hit your different body to train. For instance, if week one will target your chest and back areas, then week 2 will be responsible for working on your biceps and triceps. Similarly, you can work on your legs and abs in week 3, and week 4 on your shoulder muscles.

In this way, you can utilize this mini fitness tool to tone your whole body, by adding muscle mass in targeted body parts and transforming your torso in a short time.

In this whole-body training, the first three workouts every week will hit two different muscle groups. The science behind this split is that when one body part is being trained by you, the other one with a different muscle group recovers. This allows you to keep the intensity level of the training high, and you'll be able to lift the heavyweight to initiate the maximum amount of muscle growth.

Breaking down the supersets

Let’s break down the weekly training session to avoid confusions. So, as we talked about supersets, these weekly sessions comprise of three supersets that comprise 6 exercises. To understand these supersets, label them as A1 and B1 as one superset, and similarly A2, B2, A3, and B3 as superset number two and three respectively.

In a superset, you perform two exercises in a sequence, and only rest once you are done with performing all the reps of both exercises. Once you complete all the reps of the superset one, you move on to the next superset, and so on.

This is a wonderful technique because it maximizes the intensity level and quality of each set you perform. The harder you put pressure on your muscles, the more muscle tissues break down, which then rebuild bigger and robust once recovered.

Increasing the intensity

If your plan is to stick to a number of exercises and keep repeating them on regular basis, then it’s a failed plan. Do you know why? Because our body adjusts to the routine and that’s what we have to avoid. If you are aiming to achieve your goal of lean muscles, then you must have to follow a progressive plan that keeps challenging your body in new ways. That’s how you keep your muscles out of their comfort zone, and when you train them harder using dumbbells, you leave your body no option but to build again the damaged muscle tissues better and tougher.

It is vitally important that you stick to the plan and expose your body to challenging workouts because only then it will be possible for you to add volume to your muscles in four weeks. Again, don't do the exercise and sets with the same intensity and reps all four weeks. Keep changing, keep evolving to see the visible difference in your body shape. For instance, if week one has four sets with 10 repetitions of each exercise, then increase it to 12 reps next week for all four sets. Likewise, increase the number of sets to five in weeks three and four, along with increasing the number of reps. This makes every week harder and more challenging than the previous week.

But First Warm-Up

We are pretty sure that you must be really excited by now to try dumbbell training on four weeks basis, but first, consider starting your workout with a warm-up. As we clearly stated that every workout includes completing every superset with slight rest, which makes it all the more important to adequately prepare your body. If not, then you’ll feel every set far more difficult than it is, and this won’t help you in terms of gaining strength and muscles size. Plus, starting a workout with cold muscles increase your chance of injury if you are using heavy weights dumbbells.

You mostly would have seen that some people jog around before starting an exercise to warm up their bodies, but in this case, it won't do. As each workout will specifically target a specific body part, that's why you have to activate that muscle group. You can do dynamic stretching to move your overall body, and then do a specific workout-related warm-up to open your body to high-intensity training.

Best Home Gym Dumbbells for Dumbbell Training

So far we have talked about full-body workouts using dumbbells, which meaning we are stressing on plural 'dumbbells', and not only a pair for your shoulders biceps. This is a common sense that your shoulders and arms cannot handle the weight which your legs can. If you use a pair of same-weight dumbbells for different muscle groups, it will make some of the moves harder while others easier. 

 That's why keep in mind that you'll be using different weights to train your body. Trust me, a little investment will go a long way for you. Xn8 Sports is offering their customers a range of weights in dumbbells in materials like neoprene, cast-iron, rubber, steel, and vinyl. You choose which you feel more comfortable handling due to its solid grip. Xn8 Sports neoprene dumbbells have a cast-iron base with neoprene upholstery. This pair of dumbbells is not only aesthetically pleasing but have a non-slippery grip too. You can browse the Xn8 Sports website now and pick the weight options you want to experiment with.


Dumbbells are amazing fitness equipment that can be used by you anywhere. Yes, they are portable too. You don't have to worry about keeping up with your fitness plan while traveling because dumbbells are all you need to accompany you anywhere you go. This timeless fitness equipment is comparatively inexpensive, handy, and perfect for a home gym.

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