Essentials Equipment for Boxing to Train like a Champ

Boxing- the name instantly takes your mind towards the ringing of a bell, champions sweating buckets, and the crowd going crazy with every jab. It sure does give your adrenaline a rush because hey isn’t everyone smitten with boxing?

Boxing is one of the world’s oldest sports, and has essentially remained the same as it was back in old days. Except for the equipment that have been introduced over the years to gear up the overall boxing experience. Now instead of fighting with bare hands, boxers wear boxing gloves to strike harder without worrying about potential injury. But regardless of the equipment, the action happening in the ring is still as raw and enthralling as it always was.

If you have just ventured into the world of boxing, then don’t worry about buying all the fancy equipment. You will do just fine if you only have the essentials to make sure that you are training at your best without compromising on your safety.

Many boxing professionals and trainees may suggest you buy all the latest equipment to ace your training and to take down your opponent later in the ring. But luckily for your pocket, this is hardly true. For a beginner, boxing gear only related to protection and conditioning are required, which shouldn't cost you more than few quid.       

Why You Should Start Boxing?    

Xn8 train like a Champ | Xn8 Blogs Not one, but there are plenty of reasons to convince yourself to start training from today. Great way to burn those stubborn calories, to build stamina, and let go of anger by the end of the day comes at the top among other amazing benefits. Boxing workouts are two-in-one because not only these are a great source of cardio, but also strength training, something you might have been searching for. Needless to say, boxing is a champ way to improve your overall fitness and guess what, you'll have more balance, coordination, and swiftness.

For someone who has just started practicing, it may be difficult to get accustomed to the intensity of this sport, but once you get the hang of it and learn basic punching techniques and get comfortable in striking, you’ll start having more fun than pain. Only then you'll have a full-body workout because punching requires power from hips and legs while engaging your core, shoulder, and back muscles simultaneously.

If you look at it in the spectrum of cardio, boxing is considered a high-calorie burning workout. For instance, if a person weighing around 70kg spends one hour on a punching bag is expected to burn almost 422 calories. Whereas sparring in the ring for about an hour will serve to burn 633 calories. Not only this, other elements of a boxing workout, including skipping rope and shadowboxing, are sure ways to race your heart and shed off unwanted fats.

Essential Boxing Equipment for Beginners

Before buying boxing equipment, you have to look into the mode of training; either you are training with a partner or on your own. If you aim to compete with a competitor in the ring or want to experience a challenging workout, then you'll have to train both with and without a partner. If you are starting with the basics of boxing with a punching bag without a partner, the equipment you are going to need is a punching bag, hand gloves, hand wraps, and skipping rope too. But training face-to-face with a partner means you need to protect yourself from any potential harm, and for that purpose, you might need a mouth guard, headgear, and boxing gloves.

Hopefully, by now, you must be thinking that this is not as complicated to start from as you may have anticipated, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. The real challenge exposes itself when you have to choose the right gear because you don't want to mess up by buying equipment that is not the right fit for you. To help you have a smooth journey, we have come up with a list of essentials so that you train RIGHT.

Boxing Gloves- First and Foremost

Boxing gloves have remained one of the most debated topics, and a lot has been written on it. If you think there is only one kind of boxing glove that fits all, then you are wrong. For different situations, there is a different set of gloves, for instance, there are training gloves, sparring gloves, bag, and fight gloves that come with a variety of weight choices. 

Starting as a beginner, you don’t need to worry about all of them because you only require training and sparring gloves. Our advice- spend your money wisely and buy good quality pair. Xn8 Sports boxing gloves are specially made to protect your hands no matter how heavy a punching bag you hit, and one feature that may convince you to buy them is their dual nature. Yes, you can use them for both training and sparring sessions which means they offer you great value for money.

Hand Wraps – Safety Call

Xn8 Boxing train like a Champ| Xn8 Blogs

You sure want to protect bones in your hands and wrists, and that's where hand wraps come for your protection. Hand wraps are great to offer a shield to your knuckles as well as prevent your wrist from breaking when you punch hard on a heavy bag. Good thing is, they are also significant to prolong the lifecycle of your boxing gloves by collecting the sweat that would be otherwise soaked by your gloves.

Hand wraps come in different sizes, colours, and styles. Xn8 Sports hand wraps have enough length for you to wrap your hands completely and the elastic fabric used in their manufacturing makes them fit conveniently on any hand size.  

Boxing Punch Bag 

A boxing punching bag is a great addition to your list if you are looking forward to practicing your boxing routine in the comfort of your home.  But if you are planning to train in the gym, then spending money on it will be a waste of money. Still, who doesn't want to let go of their stress by throwing few punches back at home?

Both hanging and standing punch bags are now available in the market, either filled or unfilled and mostly the fabric used in their manufacturing is leather or vinyl. A free stand punch bag will be the right choice for a beginner as it will save them from the hassle of attaching it to your ceiling by drilling a hole.

Xn8 Sports make one of the high-quality lamina hide leather punch bags that can be used by both beginners and professionals. These punch bags are water-resistant, which means you can wash them as and when you like.

Boxing Head Guard

It’s a must-have boxing equipment for a beginner in case of live sparring. There will be lots of hitting involved, so you must choose something that can assuage some of the blows. No, it won’t prevent you from potential injury resulting from constant hitting. Check Xn8 Sports for an amazing heard guard option that provides you full-face covering. The hook and loop strap across the chin area as well as on the head ensures that it fits perfectly with anyone.

Groin Guard

Apart from boxing gloves, trainers consider groin guard as one the essential boxing gear for the newbies. During a sparring session, a groin guard will protect you from hitting where you don't want to get hit. You do want something durable, inexpensive, and that can get its job done like no other, then Xn8 Sports is your way to go.

Skipping Rope

Xn8 Essential Equipment | Xn8 SPorts Blogs

You may think how skipping rope is linked to your boxing training, but it is remarkably effective at training the muscles required to throw a solid punch. Skipping rope gives an exciting strength workout that stimulates explosive power and fastidiousness.

Boxers indulge themselves in cardio training like running and skipping rope to build their stamina because a range of techniques can be applied using this magic rope. Plus, it is also available in different weights that can add up to the intensity of the workout.

Although boxers have nothing to do with kicking but for a powerful blow, they rely on their footing. They can train their legs and foot through this low-impact workout, plus it also helps build shoulder and core muscles simultaneously. Therefore, skipping rope is one of the best workout gear that will worth your money.


Boxing gears are continually evolving to provide boxers with as much help as possible. With the right boxing equipment, a beginner can get his mind into the game and improve its performance within a record time. It takes determination and hard work to go from hero to zero, but appropriate boxing equipment is also a must for beginners to train well. You don’t need to have everything related to boxing ready and packed before venturing into this form of martial arts. If you only have the boxing essentials, you are good to start one of the most enthralling journeys of your life. Are you ready to take the heat on?

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