Full-body workout with ankle weights

Although a very small in appearance, the pair of ankle weights vests the power to transform your overall body appearance. Putting in some time regularly and training rightly with them on can make you achieve your fitness goals faster than expected. Still many people don’t know how best they can use ankle weights to improve their overall body strength, which is what have made us write this article that will guide you on some exercises for getting in shape only using the pair of ankle weights.

Do you know what ankle weights are?

They are small and weighted with sand pouches and have straps to fit around your ankles, look at the one here. Available for sale with different weight options, while some are weight adjustable, like you can take out the sandbags to lower down the weight. Further, they are also available in various sizes and your suitable fit would depend on your age, height, weight, and more.

The first step

Choosing a right pair of ankle weights is the first step of getting started with your full-body training with leg weights. How would you know that whether or not a pair is the right fit? Very easy when you are buying from a physical store as you can strap a few and take a test walk with them that’ll give you a good idea on how a specific weight or fabric feels. Very risky when you are ordering online, as you couldn’t get certain of the fabric and weight till the product arrives at your door steps. Hence to avoid getting into the trouble later on, order your new pair from a seller who accepts returns, such as the Xn8 Sports. Yes, they have some amazing ankle weights listed for you right here. Normally, you have to pick one from the different weight options of the pair and varying fabrics from which they are contrived. Check if you are comfortable with a specific weight and whether or not the fabric is irritating your skin. Now that you have the idea of a perfect ankle weights pair, you can proceed with train full-body strength with them.

Getting Started with Ankle weights

Before we proceed with performing some workouts with ankle weights, bear in mind that they are light-weighted and hence could not help you build muscles but strength. Usually the pair would weigh around 0.5kg to 3kg, just as this one. Secondly, don’t go for these exercises if you have hip and knee issues. Most importantly, wearing ankle weights during cardio movements can put a lot of strain on your ankle or joints that could lead to a severe injury. Let’s proceed with our first exercise with ankle weights for embracing full-body strength, which is:

1- Performing Squats with Leg Lift

You can perform squats with lifting leg that has an ankle weight strapped with. By performing this exercise, you can hit and sculpt hips, abs, shins, glutes, and thighs. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Put on the ankle weights.
  • Next, you have to stand upright and keep your feet slightly wider, more than shoulder-width apart.
  • Bend your legs to form a 90-degree angle.
  • Let the weight drive through your heels and push your body upright again.
  • Lift one leg up while you are rising up and bring it down smoothly.
  • Perform the squat again and lift the other leg up when rising up.
  • Do 5 sets with 10 reps (5 on each leg). At the end, you’ll feel your legs tightening up, particularly, the outer glutes. Means, you did a great job!     

2- Supermans exercise with ankle weights on

Performing ‘supermans’ is a powerful workout on its own, while doing it with the ankle weights will certainly help you strength muscles of the back, glutes, shoulders, and hips. Here’s how you can practice it effectively:

  • Strap a suitable leg weight on each ankle.
  • Next, you’ll have to lie flat on your stomach. If it’s hard to do it on the floor, try using the exercise mat, just as this one.
  • Stay like this with your arms and legs extended out in front and behind you for 15 seconds.
  • Make your chest and quads airborne by elevating your arms and legs off the ground.
  • Do 5 sets, holding yourself for 15 seconds in each set.

You must feel your back, shoulders, hips and glutes muscles pumped up at the end of this exercise. If not, try doing the whole exercise effectively by carefully following the steps mentioned above.

3- Sculpting your arms with weighted arm circles

This exercise is focused on using the weight of the leg weights for your benefit as you are required here to strap the ankle weights around your wrists this time. Performing it effectively would improve the strength of your biceps, triceps, and deltoids. Here’s how you can do it the right way:

  • Attach ankle weights to your wrists.
  • Stand straight upright and maintain a strong posture.
  • Get your chest out, core tight, and shoulders back.
  • Take your arms out to each side, as they must look parallel to your collarbone.
  • Don’t let your torso to get relaxed.
  • Start this exercise with rotating your arms in circular motion and go forward, then backward for 10, 10 rotations respectively.
  • Repeat it 4 to 5 times.

4- Lunges with ankle weights on

This exercise if performed effectively will help you sculpt abs, hips, quadriceps, and glutes. Here’s how it is performed:

  • Attach leg weights each to both of your ankles.
  • Now stand upright on a floor or an exercise mat.
  • Take a large step forward, then bend your knees and let the back knee kisses the floor or a platform.
  • Keep your torso upright and drive your weight down through your heel for pushing your body upward.
  • Do the same with your left leg.
  • Perform as many sets and reps you can.


If you feel we have missed including something here, please don’t hesitate to comment!

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