How best to plan Your Workout Routine

It takes a lot of a person to get into the habit of exercising. Performing them one time or when in mood is easy but when you get to do them on regular basis, your interest starts diminishing, and that eventually leads you to skip days followed by not performing them at all, which is neither healthy nor recommended. Not to mention the routine tasks that keep you occupied throughout the day and eat away your prime time, leaving nothing to spend on workouts at the end. But you know right that exercise and healthy activities are vital to keep you running well for long. So, how can you find time for all those?

Don’t panic, as there are many ways to keep your fitness in check by cutting through the daily challenges. Proper planning is one of the best ways that make you achieve your fitness goals effectively. So do get to the end of this 5-minute read to know the essence of planning your workout routine properly.  

A well-thought fitness plan will CERTAINLY WORK

The best fitness plan will help you keep the right balance between both freehand workouts and exercises you perform with equipment. Walking, jogging, or running count as freehand while biceps sculpting with dumbbells and so on fall in the latter category.

Your fitness plan must concentrate on keeping the right balance between the two for a favourable outcome in the form of an improved physique or better health.

Sounds intriguing, isn’t it? So, why don’t we tell you the basic principles of crafting an effective exercise plan? Sure, it sounds a good idea so let’s get to reading the next paragraph.

Before we move further

Just know that the fitness plan will vary significantly from person to person based on their objectives and the amount of work they want to put in regularly. Following us to the end of this blog post, you’ll know about the building blocks of crafting an effective one that you can alter to cater to your fitness needs.

What a good fitness plan is all about?

A fitness plan will normally include a moderate level of aerobic exercises with some strength training sessions along with balancing workouts. Performing these, you must be mindful of how your body is responding, and taking necessary rests in between for recovery are important as well.

As a beginner, you just need to divide your fitness objectives into small segments and get to work on each of them individually. Be smart while planning your exercises and compare what you’ll get with each of them. For instance, one 10-minute brisk walk session will have the same effect as 30 minutes of aerobics. A warm-up session is crucial as well and it must be based on some energetic activities to kick you started. Likewise, a cool-up session will help your muscles get back to normal at the end and that also prevents injuries.

Here’s all your fitness plan should have:

Fitness goals will vary from person to person, some may want to build the muscles while others may wish to just get lean or flexible.

Our fitness plan, which you’ll come to read right after this paragraph, is worked out for fitness enthusiasts who want to build muscles.

  • A warm-up session:

    • This may include leg bends, leg swings, shoulder/arm circles, and more such actions
    • It is advised by fitness experts that your warm-up session must be at least 6 minutes longer
    • Importantly, warm-up exercises must help you work on all major muscle groups
    • You can make a good space to work this session with the Xn8 Sports Yoga mat
  • Foam rolling

    • Just like a warm-up, foam rolling is also very useful before the workout as it reduces muscles stiffness
    • 5 to 10 mins of foam rolling will reduce muscle soreness that will relax you up
    • So get into a habit of foam rolling right after your warm-up session
    • Here are some best foam rollers you can own today
  • Weight Training

    • Now it’s time to grip those dumbbells or gym rods for weight training
    • As you know, weighted equipment such as dumbbells or more are used to work different muscles of the body. Biceps sculpting, working chest muscles, and more are a few names, to begin with.
    • Better you pick days of the week for working on each of these muscle groups with weights. For instance, Monday be the biceps sculpting day with dumbbells and so on.
    • You may already know it, but experts believe that weight lifting improves posture, helps you gain bone density, and more.
  • Cardio Training

    • Now store those weighted items where they need to be because it’s cardio time
    • Brisk walking, running, burpees, and even swimming count as cardiovascular activities
    • These workouts are excellent for losing weight, strengthening your heart, boosting energy, and so on
    • Pick your cardio activities and perform them for as long as you can
    • Xn8’s Aerobic stepper is one of the best equipment for cardio training
  • Cooldown period

    • It’s time to get indulged in some cool-down activities so your muscles can recuperate safely
    • Walking slowly and swimming laps leisurely, all are considered the best cool-down exercises
    • This session is crucial because it promotes blood flow and reduces stress on the heart along with preventing major muscle injuries.
  • Stretching

    • This must be the last section of your fitness plan
    • Stretching is vital because it reduces pain and prevents muscle injuries
    • Helpful for both the mind and body to gradually slow down, plus eliminates lactic acid
    • You can do it with or without using any equipment and Xn8’s resistance bands are most commonly used for these purposes

That be it on the best fitness plan

Keeping your fitness in check is very difficult these days as you cannot devote proper time to it as required. But you know right that staying fit is very important for your overall well-being, particularly, for living a long and healthy life. A fitness plan can help you get your fitness on the right track and the best one would be all you need to get better in a few months. Considering that and your fitness, we have jotted down the general principles of crafting an effective and balanced workout plan so you can get most of your fitness time.

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