How to Clean Your Boxing Gear?

 “The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses—behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.” – Muhammad Ali


Boxing is unquestionably a passion to many. This combat sport has a huge fan following, and the number of audience is only increasing with time. Many boys and girls, inspired by this sport, start practicing it at home or join a local to train under the supervision of a trainer. Either way, if you are one of them, you must have bought boxing training equipment to get started. Purchasing boxing equipment is one thing, cleaning them for maintenance is another.

You surely don't want to waste the efforts and money you spent on purchasing great boxing gear just because you failed to maintain the said equipment in good condition by not cleaning it. If you are reading this blog, then you must be looking for a guide on how to clean your boxing gear. If that’s true, then you are in a right place. Find out how you can do that, so you can focus more on your training to shine like a star in the ring.


Handwraps have many features of their own including that wearing them under boxing gloves will help you save your hands and wrists from hard-hitting meanwhile absorbing the sweat generated due to hard core boxing training. If you want the best out of them, do not make the mistake of letting them sit unwashed and damp in your gym bag after training.  Firstly, you'll encounter a bad odour coming out of them. Secondly, no one really wants to put on sweaty wraps for their next training session

One of the simplest steps in taking care of your handwraps is to hang them somewhere so they get a chance to dry. Air will suck the moisture and smell out of them, and mould won’t build up. After wearing them for a few sessions, throw them in the washing machine to clean them properly. Here are some of the tips to get the best results from cleaning the handwraps in a machine.

  • To prevent tangling of wraps with other clothes, put them in a pillowcase or a mesh bag.
  • There is a possibility of colour bleed from your wraps, so it’s better if you wash them separately.
  • It is believed that you can extend the shelf life of handwraps if you let them dry with natural air by hanging them outside instead of using a dryer.

Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves come first in mind whenever we think about boxing training, and believe me, boxers are often quite fixated on their gloves which they should be. It is not always easy to find the right pair for you. Good quality boxing gloves prove themselves a dedicated partner through all of your training sessions. Your boxing gloves can turn into a worthwhile investment if you do certain things to keep them in peak shape.

Wiping down your gloves after each training session is a must. Take a washcloth and an antiseptic spray to clean them thoroughly both from inside and outside. What you aim here is to kill the bacteria made out of sweat, whose existence will cause bad smell and mould build-up. Just like handwraps, do not let your boxing gloves sit in your bag for long after a workout. It’s better to take them out as soon as possible so they can dry out. Or simply put them in front of a fan to accelerate the drying process.  

If you want your boxing gloves to smell good, or at least close to the good, you can thrust a few dryer sheets into your gloves. Want to try something more creative? Fill two socks with cedar chips, tie the ends with a knot, and place each sock in each of your gloves. Cedar will deodorize the bad smell that gives an unpleasant vibe to the fighter.

Head and Groin Guard

These two protective gear made their place in the boxing arena after head and groin injuries got common in boxing. Boxers use head guards mostly to soften the hard blows they may get during matches and sparring. Groin guard, on the other hand, as the name suggests is essential training equipment that is intended to protect the pelvic area of the boxer. For all of these reasons, protective gear is a must-have for all those training. Due to their importance, you shouldn’t ignore their cleaning. After each workout session, wipe them out with an antiseptic spray and hang them up in an open space for fresh air to snub the growth of bacteria.

Shin Guards

Are you supposed to wash shin guard? Well, if we are advising you to keep your boxing gloves, handwraps, protective gear, and everything else, then why not shin guard. This boxing gear is designed to protect the fighter's shin from an injury that can cause damage to soft tissues and bones in the lower extremities. Spray shin guards with a disinfectant after every use to protect them from fungus and bacterial growth. Bacteria create a bad smell, therefore you need to prevent its growth by attacking it early, which will also lead to extending the life of shin guards. You just need to remember one thing while dealing with your boxing gear. You must take the sweaty boxing equipment out of the bag as soon as you get home to dry them immediately out in the air. This way, you can keep them smell-free and out of the reach of bacteria.


If you are a fan of boxing and have already started training to pursue your passion or just to throw some punches, then you must also know how to keep the cleanliness of your boxing gear in check. Only by following the advice given in this blog, you can ensure the long life of the boxing equipment, and you wouldn’t have to invest money again and again. If you are looking to purchase the products mentioned above, Xn8 Sports is your go-to website to get your hands on premium-quality boxing equipment without searching them endlessly at affordable rates.

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