New Year New Fitness Resolutions

Christmas indulgences often leave many of us worrying about our weight. Or maybe, we all know in our subconscious that we can set weight loss our New Year resolution, so we set ourselves free of food restrictions. And I think that’s a fair point. With New Year looming, many people take a fresh start, particularly in their fitness regime. And the best part is, New year's sales go live, which means we can buy our favorite fitness equipment for our workout routine at affordable rates.

But before starting on anything, let’s briefly know from where the New Year Resolutions concept started.

Historical Background of New Year Resolutions

The whole idea of resolution dates back to the Babylonian period around 4000 years ago, according to the New Year celebrations record from that era. During twelve days-long celebrations, they promised to their gods to return the borrowed items and pay back their debts. Similarly, Romans moved the start of the New Year festivities to 1st January for the first time in history. And just like Babylonians, their New Year sacraments comprised of traditional offerings and oath-taking in the presence of their gods. These vows can be seen as a precursor of our present-day new year resolutions.

Now that, we know from where started this thought, let’s move on to discuss what fitness resolutions we are in dire need of this year.

Five Fitness Resolutions for 2022

Resolutions are the ideal way to set goals, and weight loss has remained the top resolution majority of people take on new year's eve. If you have been failing to work on your fitness, then you need to change your perspective. Don't think of weight loss as a means to look good, but think of it as a healthy way of living. This year, instead of simply making a “weight loss” promise, try something different that will automatically serve the fitness purpose. Here are the top five suggestions to inspire you for fitness resolutions.

1- Try a New Sport

Having the same workout routine can get mundane. Once bored, you’ll be demotivated to do any kind of exercise, and so you’ll leave it all alone. This year, you can try something totally different to add some spark to your fitness regime. For instance, how about combat sport? Combat sport is hugely popular all over the world and has intrigued many to start training in boxing or kickboxing. If you want to work aggressively on your stamina and strength without losing interest, then this is the best option for you. You'll notice that the workout and training routine keeps evolving, and every day you can get to learn something new. You don't need to join a professional club to train if your only aim is pursuing your passion. Avail Xn8's New Year sale to purchase what it requires to start training for boxing, kickboxing, or MMA. High quality and robust punch bag is available in both hanging and freestanding form. Boxing gloves and other boxing equipment, along with protective gear such as hand wraps, inner gloves, head guard, groin guard, and shin guard, on affordable rates only with Xn8 Sports.

2- Run a Marathon

Running a marathon does not require you to be an athlete. Plus, it will be a completely different fitness activity to try. Every year, we come across this opportunity but slide past it because we thought this activity was only for the active runners. But that is more like a myth. Running a marathon is a bit tricky because it's not that, on the said day, you'll go to the venue and start running. You have to prepare your body and mind for endurance, stamina, and speed. It doesn’t matter if you win or not; trying is what will make this new year's resolution worthwhile. You would need to eat healthy and nutritious, have to maintain a consistent workout routine to build stamina, and may ideally need to practice meditation to keep yourself mentally strong. This can be a turnout in your fitness goals and definitely one of the valuable life experiences as well. To get your hands on any kind of fitness equipment, go to the Xn8 Sports website to benefit from all the amazing New Year deals. Quality and customer satisfaction are guaranteed.

3- Make Stretching Part of Daily Routine

Your new year fitness resolution can be as simple as adding stretching to your list. Stretching holds paramount importance in the world of sports and fitness. There is a whole lot of debate around the topic, whether to stretch before or after the exercise, but the main thing is 'to stretch'. This simple routine can effectively change your body dynamics because stretching will improve flexibility, prevent muscle injury, and accelerate recovery. You can take stretching as training in itself too, or mix it up with your workout routine. Resistance bands can be a valuable addition to your stretching routine, and you can easily buy them from Xn8 Sports as per your fabric and fitness preference.

4- Start a Training Journal or Blog

Now, this is something quite simple. It happens all the time that people decide on their New Year resolutions but finds it hard to follow them for the rest of the year. To strictly follow your resolutions, keep track of them regularly. You can start your own fitness blog and start sharing the progress with your friends and family. This way, you'll stay motivated to update your audience, and giving up won't be an option. Plus, when you’ll get comments on your changing physique, you’ll feel that all that hard work was worth sweating for.

5- Change Your Diet

Last but not least, changing your diet has a lot to do with your fitness. Don't fall for the fad diets because it has more to do with the trend than fitness. More importantly, these diets will deprive your body of essential nutrients, which will negatively affect your health. Instead of that, try to incorporate all food groups into your diet. Make sure that you don't skip carbs because they are responsible for providing your body much-required energy. Eat carbs, proteins, and fats according to your body's needs. A portion control diet is a healthy way of living and has a host of benefits for your body. Therefore, on this New Year, take an oath to take good care of your health by feeding your body clean and nutritious food.


The new year comes with new promises, goals, and motivation to try hard and start a new chapter of our lives. If you are physically and mentally healthy, be sure that you can achieve every other dream of yours. But first of all, stay relaxed and cool. Nobody guaranteed that the new year will make everything better. What really matters, is trying your best to live healthy and fit.

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