Weight Loss Guide with Muay Thai Training

People train in Muay Thai for multiple reasons. Some may love the sport while others may only want to compete in it. Still, there is an ever-increasing number of people who are becoming part of this training only to stay fit and for losing weight. Obesity has become the biggest dilemma for people all around the world, and if you look closely, you'll see the culprit resting right on your kitchen shelves or in your fridge. Yes, we are talking about a bulk of unhealthy food loaded with carbs or genetically modified ingredients.  Once you start consuming that kind of food gluttonously, you are destined to become a victim of stubborn fats.

All that indulgent food has sure given us a guilty pleasure, but with time, people are becoming health conscious. The consciousness of their bodies has compelled them to do something seriously to get rid of bloaty belly and excess fats. To set ourselves on the path of change, the first thing that we really need to do is to change our eating habits. Diet is instrumental in any weight loss program. A well-balanced diet complemented with vigorous physical training is a key to weight loss.

This is where Muay Thai comes into play. Muay Thai, like any other combat sport, is an extremely powerful and engaging workout, you can start practicing now to lose lots of weight. Muay Thai is a combination workout that involves elements from strength, conditioning, cardio, self-defence, and endurance training. All these elements make the Muay Thai training an ultimate one that guarantees to shed extra fats and gain lean muscle mass. 

The art of eight limbs, sometimes referred to as Muay Thai, has remarkable effects on the human mind and body. For people who want to transform their body and the scale on their weight machine to go in the backward direction, Muay Thai is the way to go.

Let's deconstruct how Muay Thai impacts your fitness, and for this purpose, we have come up with six steps for you to follow to speed up your weight loss journey.

1-Regulate your Calorie Intake

Diet is the most important part of any weight loss program. If you are practicing high-intensity workouts and sweating a lot, but at the same time consuming big portions of unhealthy food, then you are on a wrong track.

There is one simple important rule of weight loss which you must have to follow for positive outcomes. And the rule is: your calories consumption must be lower than the base requirement of the calories burned by your body. This is how you will lose weight, and that's how your body will maintain its weight.  

You'll be on the right track once you pair Muay Thai training with fewer amount of calories so that you are at a negative energy deficit. Remember, no matter how much hard you train or how many hours you spend doing cardio, if you are consuming MORE, then forget about the weight loss.

No, we are not suggesting any hardcore diet because it has been observed that people who follow any specific usually give up after 2-3 weeks. This is absolutely not a sustainable approach and is something most likely to lapse after a short period. Therefore, it’s advisable to choose a meal plan that you can stick with.

2- Extreme Cardio Session

If you know anybody who has been training in martial arts, especially combat sports, will tell you how intense a one-hour session can get. Speaking of which, do you know that the one-hour session of Muay Thai training can burn as much as 1000 calories, but that also depends on how much effort you really put into the training.

Martial art has always been known as an intense form of training, and because the requirements of combat sports are efficient heart, and strong, lean muscles, it incorporates several elements of both strength and conditioning. Just like in any other martial art training, Muay Thai training features workouts that are both aerobic and non-aerobic.

The word ‘aerobic’ means with oxygen. Aerobic workouts constitute workouts that control breathing to provide muscles with sufficient oxygen to function. These workouts are usually less intense and last for two or minutes only. Anaerobic exercises, on the other hand, balance the overall intensity of Muay Thai. As the name indicates, anaerobic exercise means working out with less oxygen. These are the intense exercises that push your lungs for oxygen and elevate your heartbeat.

Now you know that Muay Thai training has the goodness of both worlds. It will boost your metabolism so much so that your body will start burning calories after only a few hours of training. Plus, be ready to sweat a lot during the training session.

3- Basics of Calisthenics and Plyometric

Don't we all look for workouts that can be done anywhere because we never know the circumstances? Calisthenics and plyometric are two of the most famous fitness concepts in recent times, and luckily Muay Thai drills include several features from both calisthenics and plyometrics.

Calisthenics workouts do not depend on any special equipment and only require you to use your body weight. As there is no need for equipment, you can easily grasp these workouts and perform at different intensity levels.  These workouts help in building strength, endurance, elasticity, and coordination.

Though plyometric is akin to calisthenics, it incorporates the use of basic training tools like skipping rope, mat, gym ball, etc. These workouts include an array of complex movements to increase range of motion, agility, and balance.

Muay Thai training combines both of these concepts to develop frenzies in fighters. With the assimilation of different intensity workouts, Muay Thai's unique training will turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

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4-Dynamic Workout

Once you start practicing Muay Thai, you'll delve deep into the mental aspect of it, which is as much necessary as the physical aspect for weight loss. The dynamic routine of this training keeps you fully engaged, and you'll feel that there is no room for boredom. Unlike other training programs, you won't train the same in two consecutive sessions, which means you’ll always have to learn something new on your training day.

One of the invaluable characteristics to shed weight is finding a sustainable fitness program, and luckily for you, Muay Thai is the answer. With the same workout routine, boring gym classes, and useless fad diets, people eventually give up on their fitness goals due to the monotony. That's why you need to be in the right mindset before starting your weight loss journey, and due to the dynamic workout routine in Muay Thai, you'll find yourself keep coming back to your classes.

The self-defence aspect of this training program makes it more of a fun. Since people take inspiration from their favourite action movie stars, they keep practicing to absorb the knowledge of self-defence. More than anything, training with a bunch of people sharing the same weight loss goal helps in reaching the goal efficiently.

5- Avoid Burnout

Starting anything with an attitude of failure is half the destruction. Having the right mindset is crucial to achieve your goal, no matter what they are.

If you are someone who easily gives up on his training routine, then this is for you.

It does feel excited to start an intensive training program like Muay Thai, and we get it that you want to see the result within the first 2 or 3 weeks. And it is actually truly amazing that at least you are a part of the small number of the population who get up and start doing.

But be conscious of this excitement because it may become a reason to break your goal. Why? Because your body takes time to adjust to the routine. After all, your body has got used to inactivity, and now pumping it for action would not end up gaining instant results for you.

Remember, it is intense training that will help you lose tons of calories, but at the same time, it will wear you down because of its intensity. Therefore, when you start training, start with 2 or 3 sessions in a week. Just keep it easy until your body adjusts to this change and training becomes a part of your routine. Expect quick results will only lead to a huge drop in your motivation level, therefore, understand that it might take some time to achieve your goal, but you get there as long as you'll be willing to keep going.


Muay Thai is an ideal fitness training for you, as we have covered in this blog, and to reach your goal, you only need to keep yourself on a right track. The most important thing that you need to keep reminding yourself is that ENJOY the training. Keep it fun, and you'll see your motivation level rising above. But please remember that weight loss through any fitness regime is not an overnight process. You have to keep your patience to see the visible results in your body.

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