What are Punch MITTS and how are they effective?

I hated every minute of training, but I said, “Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion!” Muhammad Ali

Boxing training is not a piece of cake and I’m sure, you don’t underestimate it either. But taking an easy road does not always take you to the destination. Sometimes you need to choose a difficult track to get to your destiny. If you are into boxing or have just started training, then you must know what I am talking about. And if you are a newbie, planning to venture into the combat sports like boxing, you just need to have clarity of mind. You need to get tough and trust me, only training would be enough to make you a tough nut.

Talking about training, do you know what boxing training equipment you need? Boxing gloves and punch bag would be the first to pop in your mind but the list does not end here.  You most certainly need focus pads, also known as punching mitts, and a pair of bag mitts. Don’t skip trainer from your list because not everything can be learned from YouTube videos.

There is confusion among people when it comes to ‘focus pads’ as they don’t know what this pair is specifically used for. If a similar concern has made you come here, be sure that you are at the right spot. Just keep on reading as we are heading toward telling you what are focus pads and why are they regarded as essential boxing equipment.

What are Focus Pads or Punch Mitts?

The history of focus pads is not as ancient as of other boxing equipment such as boxing gloves. They have been introduced as training equipment rather recently, but trainers and fighters deem them as a crucial training tool both in boxing and mixed martial arts.

Punchbag classes and other workouts have their place in the overall training of boxing, but if you are looking forward to enhancing your boxing skills, you must need to train on punch mitts. Plus, it’s a great piece of boxing equipment if you want to learn how to punch rightly.

Unlike hanging punch bags, you can’t just hang focus pads from the ceiling so you can practice on them. Of course, you are going to need someone to hold them for you. A friend or a trainer. If you are someone who might hold them for your fighter friend, you need to learn the art of it. I’ve compiled a list of things that can help create a great mitt-work experience.

Holding Focus Pads Tips

Punch mitts should be of the right size: Often people ignore this basic rule. While purchasing, make sure that you buy one which fits your hand rightly. Make sure that your hands adjust comfortably in the focus pads so that you can hold them tightly.

Position the focus pads rightly: Hold the focus pads in the right position. You need to hold them in front of your body and face. Not on the top of your body or face. But there has to be adequate space between your face and the punch mitts. This will prevent you from any possible injury in case the mitt accidentally hits your face.

Hold the focus pads in a position that shouldn’t be wider than the striker’s body. Angle them slightly inward and do not spread your elbows out to the side when framing the mitts.

Keep the mitts at about the height of your forehead and few inches away from you for the practice of straight punches. For hooks, keep the focus pad almost perpendicular to your body by turning it inward. Hold the pad towards the ground for uppercuts, though you can slightly angle it upwards. Keep it at almost the height of your chin.

Start with 50% speed: Never get carried away at the beginning of the drill. It’s ideal to start with 50 percent speed and power while striking a punch on the mitts. Eventually, build the speed throughout the round so there will be enough room for the focus pad holder to keep making adjustments. This will also save him from the possibility of getting injured. A fighter while training on the punch mitts should never exceed above 70% of speed and power if he does not aim to control or know the technique of the drill properly.

Keep the same fighting stance: The focus pads holder and the fighter shoulder must be in the same stance which they both have to maintain for the entire round. When the striker hits the punch mitts, the mitt holder should catch the punch and must not slam into the punch. Learning the appropriate amount of resistance to challenge the puncher is tricky. If you are holding mitts for your pal, and reading this blog just to have a broader insight then think of catching the punch in the context of catching a baseball. Avoid smacking the fighter’s boxing mitts. The only genuine secret behind holding the mitts properly is to be a vigorous mitt holder. Use your complete upper body strength to receive the punch and not only your arms and shoulders.

Be an active mitt holder: The mitt holder controls the overall drill and sets the power and speed for the striker. Keep moving your feet, you won’t only get legs workout, but your footwork will also be improved. Make your striker move. When you’ll be constantly moving your feet, it will force him to move his too. You can start by pushing towards the fighter, which will force him to move back. Then, change the strategy and move to the side to get your fighter to pivot.  Get back and give him a chance to advance. Plus, keep your focus intact on the puncher. Don’t lose it because it’s your job to stay engaged with the fighter for the entire round.

Features of Good Focus Pads

Punch mitts, as you may now know, are one of the most essential equipment for boxing training. These mitts help the fighter in many ways. It builds a rhythm in him and makes his fighting stance better. More than anything, it lets a trainer know that where is the fighter going wrong, and where is he standing strong. What helps the coach is that it helps to increase the precision of the fighter. What makes focus pads a good purchase? Like any other equipment, you should look into some of the features before buying a pair of this useful training tool. Let’s learn about these features,  so you don’t have to regret wasting money.

Punch mitts should be well-padded: Shock resistance, flexibility with both soft and hard surface, and good-quality padding make the punch mitts worth buying. They should be soft from the inside and somewhat hard from the outside for the strikes. This mixed texture will save the coach’s hand from getting hurt and also strengthen the striker’s hand for powerful punches. Focus pads should be well-padded and if they are not, there is a likelihood of your hands getting hurt. Plus, it will cost you extra money because due to less padding, the wear and tear will start sooner, most likely after few days of training. Xn8 Sports focus pads come in three separate layers of foam padding, which makes them resilient, and reduces the possibility of your hand getting injured due to powerful punching.

Invest in long-lasting focus pads: Buy focus mitts especially constructed with quality fabric so they stay in shape for long.  As the focus pad has to receive quite a lot of punches, it must be crafted with material that would keep it in working condition for years such as this one for sale on the Xn8 Sports website. Another advantage of investing in top-quality focus pads is that they are manufactured with sweat-wicking fabric that makes them moisture-resistant and odour-free.   

Look for both the aesthetics and performance: Since focus pads are used mostly for training, the pair must be beautifully designed so, it can motivate someone to hold it for you while you throw punches at it. Hence, look for a nice pair of focus pads that delight the person holding it and make your gym room ambience amazing as well.


Focus pads are essential training equipment for boxing, but most of us don’t know much about their use. They are actually for trainers to wear so they can align your focus and improve your punching power. This blog is all about making you aware of the focus pads, how they look and why are they one of the important boxing essentials. There are different types of boxing pads also known as punching mitts available in the market, all, more or less, look the same.

In the end, I hope this blog post was informational and meaningful. Plus it gave you something you were looking to read on punch mitts or focus pads.

Moreover, if you think that we have skipped a point or two here, please write it down in the comment section below.

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