Why You Should Use Elbow Sleeves?

You might have seen athletes on TV wear elbow sleeves during bodybuilding or powerlifting competitions, or while playing tennis or baseball. Do you wonder why? For decades, athletes are using elbow sleeves as support gear. One of the main reason athletes uses elbow compression sleeves is that they help prevent the risk of injury and stabilize the muscles and tendons.

They vary in style and thickness levels, and mostly top-quality neoprene material is used for manufacturing. There is evidence that suggests compression sleeves help by reducing blood lactate level and blood pooling which are the major culprits behind pain and swelling. Therefore, to ease soreness and enhance performance powerlifters and athletes count on these.

In this blog, we will dive into the details about elbow support for gym workouts so can you know everything about them before making your first purchase.

What do elbow compression sleeves do?


Elbow sleeves have, undeniably, several uses. Blood flow increases due to the warmth and compression of them and so does the responsiveness from the elbow and arm muscles. This aids in performing better with enhanced control and stability during short-duration exercises. For instance, when a person performs exercises such as bench press or bicep curls, he can instantly feel the warmth from these elbow wraps, which increases blood flow and often time relieves pain and eases discomfort. These compression sleeves can also be used after a routine workout session as these wraps help in the recovery process by curtailing soreness and pain.

Benefits of Using Elbow Sleeves

Elbow compression sleeves are phenomenal to use for training and post-workout for recovery purposes. As we mentioned earlier that athletes, sportsmen, and powerlifters use this support accessory not only for enhanced mobility during a workout or physical activity, but also to stimulate blood flow and heal overworked muscles.

When it comes to fitness, many people feel hesitant to use any new fitness equipment or support accessory that they have not used before. It’s okay to feel sceptical before trying anything new but read these three main reasons to know why it’s beneficial to use these compression sleeves.

1- Better Protection

Throbbing elbow pain and discomfort can be super annoying. Elbow compression sleeves have a warming effect that offers protection and alleviates discomfort caused by arthritis, tennis elbow, or tendonitis. Further, elbow sleeves protect arm muscles and tendonitis during an exercise that involves relying on body weight.

2- Body Temperature Regulation

Heat is one of the properties of elbow compression sleeves, which is why these are so popular for outdoor activities, especially during winters as they regulate the body temperature. The compression provided by these sleeves enables the body to trigger the blood flow and improve circulation. That is why runners and athletes use compression sleeves to get the best out of their performance.

3- Better Recovery

By now, you may have a clear picture of what elbow sleeves are and how versatile these can be. Talking about versatility, here is another great feature of weightlifting elbow sleeves – better recovery. These are widely used by gym-goers or fitness enthusiasts to speed up the recovery process and to ease swelling and pain in the arm and elbow. During intense strength training, elbow compression sleeves help by enhancing the blood circulation that causes muscles to recover fast.

How to Choose Best Elbow Compression Sleeves For You?

Now that you know what elbow sleeves are, what they do, and what benefits they render, let’s move on to know how to choose one for you that fits you properly and serves the purpose. Whatever training goals you have, there are a few things that you need to know before placing your first order.    

It should fit you right: First and foremost, elbow sleeves should be in a size that fits you properly. These sleeves come in varying sizes and measurements so make sure that you look at the size chart and determine the circumference of your elbow with an inches tape to place the right order. If you are opting to lift heavy weights, it is better to choose one that comes in thicker material for enhanced support and compression.

It should serve your purpose:  Although thinner elbow sleeves provide less support but offer the same compression as thicker sleeves - to regulate blood flow and body temperature. Marathon runners, MMA fighters, and basketball players mostly use thinner compression sleeves, but as said earlier, if heavy weight lifting is your goal, then opt for thick material.

It should be of high quality: Obviously, this feature can’t be missed while purchasing elbow sleeves. Like anything on the online market is going to have top-notch quality, the same is the case with these wraps. A reputable brand will ensure the quality of their product and use reliable fabric that will last with you for a long. Go for material such as neoprene, cotton, or polyester, as these are both reliable and durable.

How to measure the circumference of elbow sleeves?

Once you decide to buy elbow compression sleeves, finding the right size is the first thing that you should consider. The first thing that comes to mind is how tight the elbow sleeve should be? It should be a cosy fit because if it is too tight, it can the exact opposite of the outcomes you want by restricting blood circulation. Similarly, loose-fit elbow sleeves won’t be of any use to you. A perfect size is not extra loose or tight but is comfortable to wear. Find out how you can measure the right size for you:

  • To get started, grab a measuring tape
  • Extend your arm fully, and measure your elbow with the help of tape
  • Measurement for the other arm won’t be necessary unless you need to confirm for your own satisfaction
  • Match your size with the size chart given by the companies to choose elbow sleeves for you


In this blog, we have tried to cover almost everything that you may be looking for online on elbow compression sleeves. To recap, we have the benefits elbow sleeves have, who uses them, what purpose they serve, what size will be right, and how to determine your elbow size. We have tried to make the task of selecting elbow sleeves easy for you. All you have to do is measure your elbow and place your order. Xn8 Sports is an online store you can rely on for ordering this support gear as it sells home gym equipment and support gear at reasonable prices without compromising on the quality. Check out the store and decide for yourself.


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