Why You Should Use Weighted Vest?

Enough talking about free weights. Let’s talk about the weighted vest. Don’t you think a weighted vest is a creative way to spice up your workout and bring you out of a training rut that one may feel after some time?

Performing the same workouts as part of your fitness regime is not a fruitful activity because your body will get used to the same intensity and won’t burn calories as much as you required. You need to understand that you must have to keep enhancing the intensity of the workout or the exercises per se. A weighted vest, for that matter especially, is an ideal fitness accessory that will bring variety and efficiency to your workout routine.

A weighted vest as the name implies, is a vest that typically comes with weight pockets of iron sand filling that can be added or removed as per your fitness need. A weighted vest is not just an ordinary backpack with weight in it, but in fact, the weight in it evenly disperses the resistance around your torso.

Wearing this fitness accessory during a training session has a host of benefits, but one must also be conscious of the consequences that can happen only if precautions are not being taken. Read on to know how you can perform exercises using a weighted vest and what you need to consider.


Why You Should Use Weighted Vest?

Let’s start with some of the benefits that you can get with this amazing fitness-weighted item to get you motivated for the exercises you can perform using it.

It increases strength: For all the obvious reasons, yes it does increase strength. Doing push-ups and bench presses with a weighted vest raises the overall performance in strength training. If you want to improve your stamina and strength, adding weight to traditional resistance training is your way to go.

It improves body mass: Working with weights accelerates the metabolism rate, and burns the fats more efficiently.

It improves endurance and speed: A recent study suggested that weighted vest exercises improve the overall stamina and running threshold of the runners. This means they can run at faster speeds for a longer time before fatigue hits them because of the enhanced muscular strength.


Weighted Vest Exercises to Build Strength

This fitness equipment has been in trend owing to the power element it brings to the fitness regime. It not only boosts your performance but also efficiently leans your body. A weighted vest engages multiple muscle groups and builds additional resistance during muscle-building exercises. Regardless of what type of weighted vest you wear, adjust it according to your fitness need and comfort.  If you are going to use it the first time, start with a weight lighter than you think you need. It will help you build momentum and stamina that will help you perform more repetitions with time.

To reap maximum benefits, note that the weighted vest will offer the best resistance with exercises like squats and pull-ups as compared to the seated exercises. Also, to keep the risk of injury at a bay, avoid exercises that may put excessive stress on your lower back.

Answering the question that how frequently you can use a weighted vest, then it solely depends on your fitness. If you have just started exercising, then using this weighted item 1-2 times a week will be enough for your body to get adjusted to the weight. However, if you are used to working with weights, using the weighted vest three times a week will be fine.


Top 5 Exercises to Perform with Weighted Vest

1- Pushups

  • Start by lying on your stomach and your hands should be shoulder-width apart. Your hands must be aligned with your shoulders or somewhat below them.
  • Do not bend your knees, keep them straight and press your toes against the floor.
  • Keep your core tight, and push your body up from the ground. Maintain your body in this position for a brief moment, and then gradually lower down your body again until your chest or chin touches the mat.
  • If you feel that the vest does not let you lower your chest adequately, then use a prop to elevate your body.

 2- Pull-ups

  • Firmly grasp the pull-up bar and keep your hands shoulder-width apart.
  • Pull your collarbone and chest towards the bar while keeping your body aligned with your torso region.
  • Gradually lower your body. If you find it difficult to raise your body towards the bar, you can start with negative pull-ups by starting with the top movement and then lowering your body slowly with control.

 3- Squats

  • Stand on the mat with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Lower your body towards the ground by bending your hips and knees. This position resembles a semblance of a chair.
  • Once your thighs will be parallel to the ground, get back to the standing position by engaging your thighs and hips.

 4- Lunges

  • Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Move your one leg forward. Keep the foot flat on the ground, and your trunk straight as your lower your body towards the ground.
  • Stretch your rear leg fully towards the back, pause there for a moment, and then let go.
  • Repeat the same movement with your other leg too.

 5- Planks

  • Get into a push-up position with your feet somewhat sharp against the mat.
  • Do not sink your buttocks, keep them aligned with your shoulder and toes. This will be a bit challenging with a vest on, so you’ll have to be a little more attentive.
  • Hold this position for 30-60 seconds. In the beginning, if you feel this is too much, then gradually work your way up.



Weighted vests are phenomenal since they can make workouts challenging by adding more resistance to exercises. Using them can bring multiple benefits including enhanced endurance, strength, and calorie burn. If you are looking for a premiere quality weighted vest to bring that challenging factor into your workout, then you need to visit the Xn8 Sports website. It is an online store dealing in fitness and combat equipment with one click. Now start your fitness journey by placing your order at Xn8 and believe in yourself to achieve your goals.

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