Christmas Gift Ideas for Fitness Ninjas

Finally, the much-awaited occasion of the year is almost around the corner. With that, you may be finding yourself in a quagmire situation as to what gifts to buy for your fitness freak friend, partner, or family. After all, every year, it was the same dance. You go out, make a stop at random shops, and buy the gift without putting much thought into it. But this shouldn't be the case this year. We all have come far, together, after the deadly coronavirus hijacked the whole world. Let's make this Christmas a little more special for everyone around us by buying them thoughtful gifts – gifts they can relate to.

This blog is an attempt to suggest to readers unconventional Christmas gift ideas that are both contemplative and fitness-centred. Without further ado, let's find out what you can get for your gym-lover friend or family.

Gift Ideas for Him

You might need to eliminate the unnecessary items from a list of gift ideas that you've been compiling to choose from. Because there are some straightforward options for your muscular partner that can show him your unfaltering interest in the things he loves. Isn't this a catch for you? I have made a list of the top 3 gifts that your partner would love to own.

1- Kettlebell

The kettlebell should be the easiest pick for you because it is vogue, trendy, and loved by all gentlemen. It is certainly a finesse fitness equipment that speaks itself for the grandiose and fitness goals that your man may want to achieve. You can choose cast-iron, vinyl, or rubber material manufactured kettles – it totally depends on you. Plus, there is a range of weights available, starting from 4kg to up to 100kg, but I'll suggest you stick to the weight that is not too heavy, if your partner is not a full-time weightlifter. Check the Xn8 Sports website to purchase sturdy, top-quality, and elegant kettlebell/s for him. Buy one or in pair. That’s up to you.

2- Ab Core Machine

A big yes to abs. Girl loves them more than men want to have them. Admit it or not, most of the time, men put extraneous efforts to build their abs just to impress their girls. And that's not a bad thing at all. If you want to convey your partner to work, especially on his abs, then the ab core machine makes the right Christmas gift. Small in size, but this machine can work wonders in sculpting the core and will definitely assist your man to smoothly toning his body.

3- Boxing Gloves

Hell yes. I can easily categorize boxing gloves in the elite category of the gifts. If 'he' is into combat sports, then nothing can bring him more happiness than receiving a nicely packed pair of boxing gloves. Buy premium quality leather gloves that come with ample padding for both protection and solid hits. Luckily, with Xn8's Christmas sale, you can purchase top-of-the-line boxing gloves for your man by staying within your budget. Any MMA or boxing enthusiast would own durable and high-quality boxing gloves, and maybe, that's the only gift your partner is anticipating to receive. Xn8 can help you pick experts' favourite boxing gloves from their catalogue, as the company is renowned for selling fitness and combat equipment.

Gift Ideas for Her

Let me bring it straight to you – make-up and clothes are not the only things girls are looking forward to getting as their Christmas present. It's twenty-first-century guys, and today, girls are stronger and unorthodox more than they were before. This means you need to be smarter to know that there are better things to choose than regalia. Trust me, cute pink-themed gifts are not the panacea of all-girl problems. Read what you can buy for her this Christmas to express your love.

1- Dumbbells

Women don't really love weight lifting equipment, is a false statement. If your girl loves exercising, then she definitely loves lifting weights too. And dumbbells are the beloved fitness equipment of the girls- believe it or not. Let's take this to your advantage and avail the Christmas sale opportunity with the Xn8 to buy her a pair of dumbbells in her favourite colour. You have a variety of material options to choose from, for instance, vinyl, neoprene, cast-iron, and rubber either in round or hexagonal shape.

2- Yoga Mat and Props

This Christmas is about celebrating health and fitness after coming out safe from a major health crisis. Be her yoga buddy and help her experience peace and relaxation. A yoga mat will be a safe and ideal gift owing to the reason that even if she is not practicing meditation or yoga, she can still use it for basically any other exercise. Couple it with yoga props, and you'll have a brandishing package to gift her. Yoga props will assist her to perform complex yoga poses with ease, which makes this gift option considerate and loving. Xn8 has multiple options for you to select for your partner and, that too, in vivacious colours. NBR, TPE, PVC, or rubber – get her one with matching colour yoga blocks.

3- Ankle Weights

This wasn't in your mind, right? But buying her this Christmas present will hit the right cords. It will be an expression of your trust in her strength and stamina, and a woman truly loves to be appreciated for these qualities. Ankle weights are among the popular fitness equipment that can be proved useful while doing workouts to spice up the resistance factor to increase the outcome. Or best, she can utilize them on her regular jog or walk for the added benefits. Buy high-quality and long-lasting ankle weights for a styled-up Christmas gift for your lady.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Some kids are as much into boxing and gymnastics as any other adult. If your child loves to throw punches, not on other kids, and has a knack to become a gymnast, then this gift list will incite them for sure.

1- Kids Boxing Gloves

Your Floyd Mayweather-inspired kid would be at the top of the world to receive boxing gloves as his/her Christmas present. Plus, you will be at ease to know that you have arranged for the complete protection of your child by handing him/her gloves with ample padding and high-quality leather upholstery. And you can rest assured that Xn8 Sports kids boxing gloves will be the right pick for your child to practice relentlessly.

2- Tumble Mat

I bet you didn’t think of it. Tumble mat (both incline and rolling), if presented as a gift, will be definitely adored by your gymnast kid. Include this in one of the most useful Christmas gifts you can give to your kid. They can use it to practice and correct their gymnastic moves, plus it can be used both indoor and outdoor. Tumble mat comes in size variation and it usually has a removable cover, so you can keep it clean by washing it with soapy water or a wet towel.

3- Dance Mat

If your kid loves to shake his/her body whenever the music goes on, then try buying something that he/she can relate to. A dancing mat seems just fine and right on spot. Kids can use the dancing mat to practice their dance move anytime right from the comfort of their home. Due to the generous padding, the dance mat makes an ideal gift for kids because the padding will save your kid from any kind of injury while practicing. On this Christmas, surprise your children by helping them pursue their passion.

On this Christmas, don't forget to shop with the Xn8 Sports to avail amazing sale offer. Plus, the company has put up special package deals combining their different products, which is a real-time money-saving offer.

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