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Xn8 Sports Best Yoga Mat Rubber Black
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Xn8 Sports Yoga Mat Rubber Blue
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Xn8 Sports Yoga Mat Pink
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Xn8 Sports Yoga Mat Rubber

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Natural Rubber Mat for Yoga with A Compact 5mm Thickness: The exceptional compactness, support & padding of 5mm thick Xn8 Sports Yoga Mat Rubber is owed to its high-quality natural rubber material. This also makes it totally eco-friendly, not to mention that it will not create any problems for your skin as well.

Non-Slip Yoga Mat with Larger Size and Softer Cushioning: In addition to a generous 5mm thick padding, this strong grip yoga mat also boasts of a larger size, i.e. L=183cm x W=68cm. Double non-slip surface helps it comfortably support your weight, also offering steadier grip on the surface below to stabilise your movements through your yoga routine.

Specialised Body Alignment Yoga Mat: Another great thing that you will find in this workout mat is the specialised yoga mat alignment lines. This alignment system marks all important points on the mat, following which new yogis can correct their stance, while pros can work on perfecting advanced and hard poses.

Multipurpose Foldable Gymnastics Mat: There are endless ways you can incorporate this large padded yoga mat into your workout, including but not limited to gymnastics mat, Pilates mat, home gym mat, aerobics mat, skipping rope mat and so forth. You can also fold it smoothly into a small package and move around with it wherever you want.

Water Resistant, Lightweight & Durable Yoga Mat With Lines: Top quality material and manufacturing of this nontoxic yoga mat not only makes it extremely lightweight and durable, it is also totally water resistant. So, you will never have to worry about your workout space being dirty and unhygienic ever again; wash or wipe it clean as per your need.


Workout mat plays a vital role in boosting your fitness performance in the long run. If you are not happy and comfortable about the surface you’re working out on, it is highly likely that you won’t be able to hit your maximum potential. That’s why so many people like getting their hands on Xn8 Sports 5mm thick yoga mat. In fact, there’s a whole bunch of attributes that make it one of the best yoga mats available in the market. From the selection of top-quality natural rubber material to offering a generous 5mm thick padding with a solid grip, there’s a lot to praise about in this large yoga mat. 

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