Xn8 Sports Arm Curl Blaster
Xn8 Sports Arm Curl Blaster

Xn8 Sports Arm Curl Blaster

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Thinking, how can you build that extreme biceps muscle fast like many in the gym? They do it with effective workouts. Now, how to make your workouts effective? This is where you have to count on the best support gadgets, one of which is the Xn8 Sports arm blaster.

Why should you own our adjustable bicep isolator? For two reasons we believe! First of all, with this gadget, you can minimize the unwanted momentum during barbell curls and dumbbell curls. Secondly, you want to build strong arms quicker and you know that.

Not only is this arm blaster belt supportive, but it also is durable. Featuring thick gauge metal base for longevity, neoprene padding for comfort, and a sturdy nylon strap to keep it stable around your torso, while you are working on your biceps.

We will let you decide whether to use this arm blaster at home or at gym. Although, it is suitable for both home and gym use. Compact shape and lightweight makes it easy to carry and store. Expertly crafted with having beautiful aesthetics.

 Investing in our arm blaster or in any other of our fitness items, you will have true value for your hard earn money coupled with our quality assurance. Further, if you are not happy with this purchase, feel free to contact us anytime.


Why can’t you have those heavy arms like that body builder in the gym? Yes, it takes time but you can speed up the process with effective workouts. Now, how can you effectively workout for building those heavy biceps muscles? It gets easy when you have an excellent support accessory such as the Xn8 Sports arm blaster. Featuring a thick gauge metal frame, neoprene padding and adjustable straps, also a soft neck pad for security and comfort. If you are still not sure about the arm blaster benefits, just know that it prevent swaying of arms to let you have a productive session of biceps workouts. Hence, a must-have support gear that is suitable for both personal and commercial use.

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