Xn8 Sports Ab wheel Rollout
Xn8 Sports Ab Wheeler Roller Black
Xn8 Sports Wheel Roller Light Blue
Xn8 Sports Ab Wheel Roller Dark Blue
Xn8 Sports Ab Wheel Purple
Xn8 Sports Fitness Wheel Grey
Xn8 Sports Ab Wheeler Roller Red
Xn8 Sports Ab Wheel Roller Yellow
Xn8 Sports Wheel Roller Green
Xn8 Sports Ab wheel Rollout
Xn8 Sports Ab wheel Rollout
Xn8 Sports Ab wheel Rollout
Xn8 Sports Ab wheel Rollout
Xn8 Sports Ab wheel Rollout
Xn8 Sports Ab wheel Rollout

Xn8 Sports Ab wheel Rollout

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Great Ab Wheel Roller: Looking for a great ab roller and not finding one? Try Xn8 Sports Ab Wheel Roller and forget everything else with its streamlined design, top materials and a matchless build quality.

Extra Stability & Balance With Big Ab Wheel: The special design of our ab wheel machine relies on a big wheel that can roll forward and backward in a flawless motion. This gives you extra stability and balance while training your core using it.

Extra Thick (15mm) Knee Pad With Ab Wheel Roller: We not only provide you with the best in our abdominal roller alone, even our freebies are a brand apart. You get an extra thick 15mm knee mat totally for free to keep your knees safe while working out.

Core Focused Ab Wheel For Upper Body Toning As Well: Aimed at augmenting your core workout primarily, this quality abdominal exercise roller is more than capable of toning your upper body as well. A pair of foamed handles further eases it for you. 

Ergonomic Design With Durable Build Quality: Ergonomics play a major role in our big wheel ab wheel roller, complemented equally well with premiere quality components. Top quality rims help the big wheel run through back and forth motion smoothly & efficiently.  


One thing is common with the majority of ab rollers on the market, i.e. they lack in one area or the other area. Some come with a meaningless design, some lack in quality of the materials used, while many lag behind in finish. However, Xn8 Sports Ab Wheel Roller alleviates you of all such worries. Everything about it is perfect, whether it’s the seamlessness of the design, high quality of the materials or the overall finishing, it easily beasts all others. All such elements also result in manufacturing of a very lightweight and portable fitness accessory, which doesn’t need much time or effort to assemble, dismantle, store and carry around. In addition to sculpting your abs and obliques, it also serves to tone and strengthen other areas of your upper body including chest, shoulders, arms and back.

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