Xn8 Sports Aerobic Stepper Extension Pair

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Xn8 brings you the pair of additional steps for your aerobic stepper in 9 attractive colours. They when attached to your stepper lift it by 5cm that makes you perform the aerobic workouts differently for an improved physical outcome.

Please make sure that you are purchasing the right product. We intend to offer here only STEPS AND NOT THE STEPPER. These robust steps effortlessly get attached to the Xn8 step board and require no special effort when you need to detach them.

The top-quality plastic construction of Xn8 Sports aerobic stepper extension pair won’t let it break even when attached to the stepper that is used regularly for jumps and more workouts. At the back, they have non-slip grips that help to keep the stepper stable even on smooth floors.

They are light-weighted and compact in shape; therefore, could be effortlessly taken anywhere you would need them with the stepper. Simply detach them and put them in one corner of the gym bag or suitcase.

We at the Xn8 sports strive to serve our customers with top-notch and durable items at reasonable rates. These steps for aerobic steppers are no exception to the list of our premium quality items. If you have any issue with this pair after the purchase, feel free to contact our friendly and professional customer support.


If you are already practicing jumps or other aerobic workouts on the stepper, you for sure would like a change to what you are used to usually, for an improved physical outcome. Fortunately, the xn8 sports now brings you the additional steps that one can attach to the aerobic stepper to lift it 5 cm high. Exercising on a high step board would need you put extra effort into completing the usual workout. This is why you lose the body fats and gets fitter quicker than if you were performing these workouts on a stepper, which is at the standard height. Our steps for aerobic stepper are crafted using durable and top quality plastic, which makes them impact-resistant and high weight-bearing while they can effortlessly be attached or detached to the stepper.