Xn8 Sports Ankle Weights Adjustable

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SKU: AnkWgt-Aw04-Black-1.5*2=3kg


High Quality Adjustable Neoprene Ankle Weights: Xn8 Sports Ankle Weights Adjustable are intended to offer you unmatched comfort and support that exceeds the ordinary in this price range. We have used premium quality neoprene fabric to offer you the best of adjustability, comfort and resilience, making sure they serve you for years to come.

Convenience and Practicality: The sturdy hook and loop strap of these ankle weights offers assistance in putting them on and off whenever you want, without much of a hassle. The robust closure also makes these wrist weights stable in their position, helping them fit perfectly around your ankles. That’s why you can perform your daily chores as well as enjoy favourite sports wearing them.

Weight Variation: You can choose from two different sets with different weights. One set contains a pair of ankle weights weighing 1.5 kg each (3 Kg together). The other set has two ankle weights of 2.5 kg each (5 Kg together). TO GET BOTH 3KG AND 5KG ANKLE WEIGHT SETS, YOU NEED TO PAY FOR TWO SETS, NOT ONE SET.

Convenient Adjustability: Both the ankle weights in a set have 5 small weight pockets filled with soft sand-filled pouches. You can effortlessly add or remove these pouches to adjust the weight according to your requirement for a particular workout. They speed-up the muscle building and fat burning process and make you achieve more with your physical workouts.


If you need durable ankle and wrist weights that are soft and comfortable to put on for an extended period, Xn8 Sports Adjustable Ankle and Wrist Weights are for you. Featuring of top-quality neoprene fabric that not only makes these gym weights durable but also lends them elegance. They can be integrated into your lifestyle activities quite comfortably, particularly jogging, walking, and more of the physical workouts to enhance the muscle strength caloric burning process. THEY ARE SOLD IN PAIRS AND AVAILABLE IN TWO SETS. One set contains two ankle weights, each one weighing 1.5 kg (3 kg together). The other set has two ankle weights of 2.5 kg each (5 Kg together). You can also adjust weight on them by adding or removing a little sand pouch into 5 pockets on them. They are easy to put on using the sturdy hook and loop strap and available for both men and women for an unbelievably affordable price.