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Xn8 Sports Adjustable Dumbbells Pink
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Xn8 Sports Bone Dumbbells Set

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Unsurpassed Quality: Do not confuse the Xn8 dumbbells with other run-of-the-mill products on the market. Manufactured using only the highest quality neoprene material and cast iron core,the Xn8 Sports bone dumbbells are amongst the most robust in the fitness industry. SOLD AS A PAIR OF SAME WEIGHTS.

Uniquely Shaped – Practical & Aesthetic: The unique bone shape of these dumbbells not only contributes in their visual appeal, but also makes them highly practical. Unlike conventional round-shaped dumbbells, these hold their ground securely without rolling away from you when dropped after completing the set.

Cast-Iron Core With Comfortable Neoprene Coating: This is surely one of the most unique but beneficial aspects of these Xn8 Sports Bone dumbbells. While solid cast-iron base ensures solidity and durability, top quality neoprene upholstery adds to their comfort and appeal, also making them slip-resistant and noise-proof.

Expedite Your Workout …. Anywhere: There are lots of exercises you can do with these dumbbells to target different muscle groups. Examples include bicep curls to work your biceps, triceps extensions to target your triceps, and lunges to strengthen your gluteus. Their stackable design makes them easy to store and carry.

Quality Guarantee: Providing you unparalleled quality in Xn8 Sports’ products is our top priority. So, if this or any other of our products somehow fail to impress you, you can get a convenient return/refund within 30 days of your purchase. AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT WEIGHTS.


Taking care of your health and fitness is becoming much of a challenge under the influence of contemporary lifestyle. However, with Xn8 Sports fitness accessories, you can overcome such issues; for example, Xn8 Sports Bone Dumbbells. It not only looks highly appealing, but is also adds comfort, practicality and convenience into your workout. While a solid cast-iron base ensures a stable weight distribution, top quality neoprene incorporates beauty, comfort and convenience into it.

This also makes it noiseless, sweat-resistant and washable. These dumbbells are aimed at expediting your workout, capable of toning and strengthening different muscle groups in your body including biceps, triceps, shoulders and backs. You can even use them in lunges, adding extra resistance for your gluteal muscles. Perfect workout accessory for people of all ages and genders.

Multiple Colours & Weights Option: With a host of colours & weights available, you are able to order dumbbell sets in different colours and different


100% Quality Guarantee: Xn8 Sports offer 100% quality guarantee on all products. So, if you’re unsatisfied by this or any other of our products, you can get a convenient refund/return within 30 days of your purchase

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