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Xn8 Sports Boxing Gloves Beat ‘em Series
Xn8 Sports Boxing Gloves Beat ‘em Series
Xn8 Sports Boxing Gloves Beat ‘em Series
Xn8 Sports Boxing Gloves Beat ‘em Series
Xn8 Sports Boxing Gloves Beat ‘em Series
Xn8 Sports Boxing Gloves Beat ‘em Series

Xn8 Sports Boxing Gloves Beat ‘em Series

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THUMB LOCK DESIGN: If you are a boxer, you would know how a pair of good boxing gloves matter. Since they not only protect your hands during the contest but also make you punch powerfully and perfectly. And by investing in the Xn8 Sports boxing gloves, you’ll bring home a pair that is ideal for both punching bag training and professional fights. And our attention to thumb protection proves that we are as much concerned about your safety as we are for your boxing skills to improve. Since the most common injuries from striking are noted to be of your thumb when it is not aligned with the fist. That’s why this beat ‘em series boxing gloves by Xn8 Sports feature a thumb lock that keeps your thumb safe during the training and prevents its irregular movement in the fight that may harm the opponent’s eye, plus it helps in aligning the wrist with the arm for impactful punching.

EXCELLENT TRAINING AND SPARRING GLOVES: Most of us like to go to the contest with a pair of boxing gloves that we are training with. And that’s the right thing to do because your hands feel more at home with the pair you are training with. Many things count when you are using boxing gloves for the first time that range from whether or not your skin is comfortable with them, they are rightly padded, and so on. This is why you need to consider investing in a pair that you can use for both training and sparring, plus fights as well. Yes, you get it with our Beat ‘em Series boxing gloves as we have crafted them expertly to serve you well in training and fights. To offer your hands the best protection, we have padded them with Equi-shox foam that is meant to evenly dissipate the impact of hard hits that also assures the safety of your knuckles and keep your opponent safe during training. A suitable Christmas gift for men and you can also gift it to someone as on a happy New Year’s Eve.

UPHOLSTERED WITH LAMINA HIDE LEATHER: One best thing about our Beat’ em pro boxing gloves is that they not only outclass others in performance but also aesthetics as well. Thanks to the premium quality Lamina hide leather upholstery that makes them smooth to touch and keeps them in working condition for years. That’s why many of the renowned boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai professionals find this pair suitable for both their practice and for their professional contests as well. Importantly, the lamina hide leather is water-repellent, which makes you clean the gloves after a period of use with a wet towel to make them feel like new again. Don’t worry about these competition boxing gloves’ colour fading because that’s not going to happen with our Beat ‘em series boxing gloves as they arrive in 4 solid colors and they’ll remain the same even after years of use.

FEATURING EQUI-SHOX FOAM PADDING: Just think why you use boxing gloves? For the protection and for punching hard with peace of mind, isn’t it? Yes, so why not invest in a pair that suits your purpose the best? Yes, our Beat ‘em series boxing and sparring gloves are rightly padded with the premium quality EVA foam that absorbs the hard hits and dissipates the impact of the same over the surface to keep your hands safe. Also, with the longer hook & loop wrist strap, our punch bag boxing gloves stay consistent on your hands even during rigorous punching sessions and offer better wrist protection.

PREMIUM QUALITY PRODUCT: We have made our name in the fitness and combat industry by offering our customers premium quality products at the most affordable rates possible. One such is our pair of boxing gloves available in four vibrant colours that offer excellent protection to your hands and make you punch hard with precision. Further, our professional customer care is always available to listen to and resolve any issues you have after purchasing this or any of our other products.


Are you looking for a pair of perfect gloves to make you rock the punch bag training as well as the upcoming boxing contest? You did the first part right by landing here and now all you need is to click on the order now button so the masterpiece of gloves are on their way towards your home gym. Yes because we have come up with the classiest, resilient, comfortable, and safest pair of training gloves for you in the Xn8 Sports “Beat ‘em Series” Boxing Gloves. From design to appearance and safety to durability, you get the best of everything with them. Thanks to the highest quality Lamina Hide Leather upholstery, you not only get the most stylish pair of boxing gloves but the most durable one as well. Let’s talk about why these gloves are considered the most protective? Because they have layers to take and distribute the impact of hard punches. First comes the Equi-Shox foam which is a specially structured foam that expands when hit, thus dissipating the impact force, and right after that you have the compressed EVA-Brute sheet that minimizes the vibrations & impact, plus, it also protects your wrists. Further, our training and sparring gloves come with a robust hook & loop strap that makes you put gloves off and on relatively easily, while this system also keeps the gloves stable in their position on your hands, no matter how hard are you throwing or how rigorously are your opponent hitting you back. Now let’s discuss the aesthetics of these amazing gloves and we will begin with the four vibrant colours you can own these spectacular training accessories, namely blue, black, grey, and Ruby wine while they are also available in different weights variations ranging from 8oz to 16oz. How can we forget our premium boxing gloves thumb lock design that offers protection to your thumb and keeps the thumb from getting into the opponent’s eye during the fight? These pair of boxing and fighting gloves are also stitched with perfection by the expert artisans so you don’t have to deal with loose threads during the practice or fight.

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