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What is the first reason to wear boxing gloves? Obviously protection. Unlike ancient times when leather straps were used as a covering to harden the blow, in modern times this boxing equipment is meant for the protection of both the fighter and the opponent. And it certainly is the reason that you want to buy them for you or your friend. The most common injuries from striking are noted to be of your thumb when it is not aligned with the fist. Our training gloves for training & Muay Thai feature a thumb lock that keeps your thumb safe during the training and helps you align the wrist with your arm for impactful punching. If you have a loved one with a passion for boxing, these are the best boxing gloves you can gift them this pair on Christmas Eve. And why not? After all, you want to make sure that they stay safe while practicing their boxing skills.


Are you running short on budget? Or you are a minimalist who likes to keep few things for multiple uses and you are looking for a pair of boxing/Muay Thai gloves that work great for both training and sparring? Then you are in a right place. The Xn8 Sports boxing gloves make an ideal pick because these training gloves will serve you both in your practice and sparring session. Designed with EVA foam and rebound foam padding, these unisex boxing gloves protect your knuckles and keep your opponent safe during training. Now you don’t have to spend lavishly on two different boxing gloves when you can get the best of both from a single pair. Many seasoned boxers are using this pair of training gloves because it’s a 2-in-1 combo, and it saves their time of researching for two different types of training gloves for different purposes. If you too want to save your time and money, this pair is the right choice for you.


 Boxing gloves manufactured using leather are a beauty to behold. Not only that, leather as a material is long-lasting and makes the products robust and sturdy. Our boxing gloves for punch bags are no different because these are strengthened with high-quality Lamina Hide Leather which enhances their durability. The premium material used for crafting these gloves is soft, comfortable, and durable. Worried about the wear-and-tear effect after a solid punching bag workout session? Well, you don’t have to because we have used premium quality lamina hide leather to make sure our boxing gloves take all the beating strongly. This also makes them a reliable and secure investment because you won’t have to invest again and again to buy them. These punch bag gloves are suitable for various uses such as kickboxing, Muay Thai, and other martial arts.


 The gloves are padded with EVA foam which absorbs the hardest of punches. This keeps your hands safe by distributing the force applied on them evenly across the padding. The EVA foam padding is lightweight and soft and fits well in the ergonomic design of our training gloves. As much as you this pair of boxing glove gives maximum protection to your hands, it is equally good to protect your wrist as well. With a longer wrist strap, our punch bag boxing gloves provide better wrist protection. In case, you get hit by your opponent on your wrist, you’ll still be fine to hit back. With a hook and loop strap, it’s easy to wear and remove these training gloves, plus you can tight them according to your wrist size.


We at XN8 sports strive to provide you the finest products at a reasonable price. We have loyal customers around the globe who are more than satisfied with our products. Our boxing glove is a hot-selling product which speaks volumes about the quality and finesses of it. Still, if you are not happy with our punch bag boxing gloves after the purchase, feel free to discuss the issue with our friendly yet professional customer support anytime. We take responsibility for the quality of our product, and we are at your service to solve any problem that you may feel arise while practicing.


Xn8 boxing gloves are manufactured using Lamina Hide Leather for resisting hard hits. The premium quality of leather used in its making won’t tear apart after facing constant blows. Its durability and robustness ensure that you don’t have to empty your pocket as might have been the story in your previous experiences. Having premium quality EVA foam padding, these leather training gloves protect your hands and absorb the shock of hits from the opponent. With foam padding, they are softer inside and leather keeps them, robust from the outside, so your hands get fit in comfortably. The nylon mesh panels at the palm draw off the moisture away and allow easy ventilation for keeping your hands dry for extended training and fighting sessions. This way, your hands won’t get too much sweaty and will be free of odor. Thumb lock protection is another feature that makes them one of the best boxing gloves. With better fitting and grip, our Muay Thai fighting gloves better suit your punching, fighting, and sparring sessions. With an easy to put on & remove hook & loop system, they tightly fit your hands and make you push your body limits for reaching your fitness goals. This boxing glove pair is a perfect Christmas gift this year you can give to your friend or family or yourself. Take your boxing passion to another level with Xn8 Sports boxing gloves for safe training.  Ultimately, our leather boxing gloves take your boxing skills to the next level and make your practice efficient for the upcoming professional contests. Either it's a martial art, kickboxing, boxing, or just a punch bag workout you are aiming to do, this pair of boxing gloves will suit your needs in any kind of combat sport.

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