Xn8 Sports Boxing Inner Gloves

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The Xn8 Sports inner hand gloves feature premium polyester fabric that is not only durable and long-lasting but also highly stretchable. Resist the wear and tear of usual practice and keep gloves in working condition for years.

We have incorporated a long hook and loop strap in our inner hand gloves, which keeps them stable in their position on your hands. The directional stretch of the fabric doesn’t restrict natural movement of the hands.

To make sure your skin is not irritated in a long session of punch bag training, or combats, we have contrived our gym gloves with highly breathable fabric. Small perforated holes let fresh air circulate inside that also prevent the build-up of heavy sweat.

Thinking how are these inner hand wraps for MMA useful? Protection and support are just two of the many advantages your hands get when you wrap them around. They also support natural movement and serve maximum stability.

Never do we compromise on the quality of our sports and fitness gadgets even if we have to sell them at the most affordable rates possible. Further, if you have any issue with our pair of hand wraps for boxing, feel free to contact our professional customer care anytime you feel like it.


Bring home the best protection for your hands, fingers, and wrists that you need during a long session of punch bag training, combat sports, and more. How? By investing in the Xn8 Sports inner hand gloves that are contrived with the carefully picked polyester fabric for durability, longevity, and stretchability for better protection of your hands and thumbs in a lengthy drill of boxing or weight lifting. The easy-on-the-skin fabric of our inner gloves also has small perforated holes that let fresh air circulate inside to avoid the build-up of heavy sweat and thus preventing skin irritation. Large and robust hook and loop strap of these hand wraps ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Suitable for both men and women and available in a variety of beautiful colours.