Xn8 Sports Dip Station

SKU: New-Power-Tower-BLACK


Stable & Sturdy Dip Station Power Rack In Heavy Duty Construction: Xn8 Sports Power Tower Dip Station outmatches others with the best combo of sturdiness & stability, boasting of a great design coupled with heavy duty steel tube framing. This enables it to bear the weight of even big people with ease, supporting a maximum of 150kg (23.6 stones) user weight.

Ergonomically Designed, User-Centric Power Rack With Dip Station: A superb build quality of this power dip station is well complemented with a brilliantly ergonomic design, offering you a user-centric and stable workout equipment. Comes with 4 anti-skid feet & 4 strong suction cups at the base to enhance an already stable grip of ideally long & wide feet.

Adjustable, 7-In-1 Multifunctional Pro Fitness Dip Station With 4 Eyelets: Our 7in1 multifunctional fitness workout station alleviates the need of 7 different workout accessories. It can be used as an Adjustable Pull-up bar, Sit-up Bar, Abdominal Trainer, Triceps Trainer, Pushup Handles, Back Trainer & Dips bar.

3-Level Height Adjustment Dip Station With Well Cushioned Supports: Measuring 33 inches (83cm) long x 27 inches (68cm) wide base x 90 inches (228cm) maximum height, you also get a 3-level height adjustment in this total upper body & core pull up bar and dip station. Moreover, the back support and armrests are amply padded for comfortable cushioning.

Multifunctional Power Tower Dip Station For Home Gym: With everything top-notch about this pull up dip station, you can resort to it for your total body fitness requirements, making it a centrepiece of your home gym. In fact, you can use it stand-alone as well as pair it with other fitness accessories, getting a highly dynamic workout.


Getting Xn8 Sports Power Tower Dip Station for your home gym can surely be one of the best decisions made by you to take care of your health and fitness. Why? Because it alleviates the need to buy 7 other workout machines/accessories, also commonly known as 7-in-1 multifunctional fitness workout station, i.e. Adjustable Pull-up bar, Sit-up Bar, Abdominal Trainer, Triceps Trainer, Pushup Handles, Back Trainer & Dips bar. This pullup and dip station has an intelligent, user-friendly design backed up with high quality material and construction, boasting of top grade steel pipe framing. It also features ample padding on back and armrests, as well as an ergonomic, comfortable grip on all handlebars. You can also adjust its height to 3 different levels, getting a totally customised setting.