Xn8 Sports Focus Pad JCS

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EXCLUSIVE LAMINA-HIDE LEATHER UPHOLSTERY: Xn8 Sports Focus Pad (jab Cross Series) is manufactured using LAMINA hide leather for longevity and durability, resisting the wear and tear for years. It holds up to your punches, kicks, elbows, and assists you in Boxing, Muay Thai, Kick boxing, MMA, Karate and more.

EFFICIENT SHOCK ABSORPTION: This focus pad features EVA-brute tech and Equi-shox foam to absorb shocks and to protect your hands and wrists. Adds to the durability and strength of the punching pads and serves ample cushioning for caught punches. 

SMALL AIRY HOLES AT PALM: Nylon mesh panel on palm ensures ventilation to keep your hand clean and sweat-free. Sweat-wicking lining inside of the focus pads keeps your palm cool and comfortable. 

EXCELLENT GRIP ON THE HAND: Our practicing pad has a grip ball that serves you with a firm grip and takes its slippage out of the question. It holds to the nastiest of blows and kicks during Kickboxing, or karate workouts.

TOP-QUALITY PRODUCT: We make sure to serve you with premium items at affordable rates possible. We assure the top quality and reliability of our focus pad. Further, you can count on our professional customer care for any issues you have regarding this item after the purchase. 


This pair of boxing focus pads from Xn8 Sports delivers superior protection. Whether it’s about design, cushioning or finishing, you get the best in everything when you get your hands on this amazing fitness accessory. Premium quality LAMINA hide leather is used in finishing this focus pad, which makes it durable as well as adorable. A combination of Equi-shox foam and Eva-brute tech on the inside makes it especially efficient at protecting your hands and wrists while taking powerful blows. Despite its light weight, it is able to disperse the impact force optimally and evenly across the whole surface rather than allowing it to converge at one spot.