Xn8 Sports Gliding Discs

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Develops Core Strength And Muscle Flexibility: The Xn8 sports gliding discs allow you to build the core strength and target various muscle groups of your body. Thus, they are effective in improving the balance and flexibility of your body through low-impact versions of various workouts.

Premium Quality Fabric And Abs Plastic: These fitness gym gliding discs feature ABS plastic on one side while the top-quality fabric on the other side to work on various floors. The smooth side of the discs is for carpeted floors while the fabric side is suitable for smooth floors.

Widely Used Workout Accessory: Gliding discs workout is useful for shaping the body moves, thus used by yogis, mountain climbers, and other fitness enthusiasts. They are easy to use workout accessories which are also beneficial for office workers and students.

Appropriate Dimensions: Our fitness core sliders are effective for men and women of any age. Fitness enthusiasts can conveniently use it for building a strong core and flexible body. With its handy dimensions and lightweight, you can carry them to the gym, hotel or anywhere you go using your gym bag or suitcase.

Quick Refund: Xn8 sports strives to provide high-quality products to its customers and we have maintained similar standards in manufacturing our best gliding discs. For any reason, if quality of this product has failed to impress, you can count on our friendly yet professional customer support. 


The Xn8 Core Sliders help athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike to get into better shape and conveniently attain all the fitness goals. Our fitness gliding discs improve your body’s agility and balance by making your standard exercises more difficult without stressing your knees and hips. These two-sided, non-scratch gliders feature high-quality ABS plastic on one side and premium fabric on the other for safe and easy use on hardwood, tile and carpet surfaces. With our core sliders, you can practice a wide range of low-impact core moves and full-body toning workouts anytime, anywhere. Also, with its lightweight and compact shape, they can fit any of your gym bag or suitcase for taking them anywhere you go. These top-quality and inexpensive discs are widely used by fitness instructors and personal trainers for low impact versions of exercises like squats, lunges, push-ups, etc. Ultimately, our portable fitness gliding discs are a pair of top-quality workout accessories for you to get into the desired body shape.