Xn8 Sports Gym Gloves Spandex

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Prevent calluses and work effectively with those gym rods to build the desired body shape quicker than you have thought. How? Simply by bringing the Xn8 Sports weightlifting gloves and put them on your hands before you start lifting. 

Meticulously contrived by the expert artisans using premium quality spandex in combination with the lightweight polyester to let you own a pair of durable, comfortable, and long-lasting gym gloves.

Robust hook and loop strap allows a comfortable, quick, and secure fit. The innovative pull tab design lets you pull these gloves effortlessly from your hands after a lengthy session of weightlifting or other physical activities.

These gloves have ample soft foam padding at the palm that helps you have the necessary comfort while you are lifting those heavy weights. Plus, this padding also helps you have a decent grip on the rod that makes your workout session productive.

Our lightweight weightlifting gloves for wrist support are crafted expertly using premium quality that is stitched flawlessly by expert artisans. Further, if you are not happy with anything about this purchase, don’t hesitate to contact and discuss with our friendly yet professional customer support.


Lifting those rusty gym rods bare hands can get you calluses that may get exceptionally painful and ugly of course. Sounds like you have to stop lifting these heavy rods to avoid damaging your palm, isn’t it? Not at all, particularly when you can have something like the Xn8 Sports gym gloves around. The pair of weightlifting gloves are crafted with premium quality spandex in combination with polyester for directional stretch, comfort, and durability. Featuring a decent size hook and loop strap that provides an adjustable and secure fit, while the pull tab design help pulling out these gloves effortlessly from your hands. They are aesthetically designed and you also have few colour options. Besides weightlifting, you can wear these gloves to other activities as well for the protection of your hands.