Xn8 Sports Head Guard BMS

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Head Guard with Best Ergonomics, Comfort & Security: Finding a headgear for boxing that offers you style, class, safety, security and comfort altogether is a herculean task. However, with Xn8 Sports Head Guard Beat ‘em Series, you get the best of everything from an agronomic design to a highly protective boxing gear.

Upholstered in Stylish & Resilient Lamina Hide Leather: Thanks to our exclusive Lamina hide leather upholstery, we have been able to transform an otherwise simple head guard for boxing into a work of art. Matte black finish adds to its classy look, complemented with heavy duty stitching to ensure long term usage.

Secure Multilayered Foam Padding with Sweat Absorbing Inner Lining: While the protection of your head is ensured with ample multilayered padding of condensed foam, it is also covered in soft and comfy sweat-absorbing inner lining. This means you can continue to use it as long as you want without any itching or irritation.

Equipped with Special Hook And Loop Closure For Perfect Fit: If a head guard doesn’t fit you well, all of its pros turn into its cons, rendering it useless for you. That’s why we have also added a special hook and loop closure strap across the chin guard region and on top of the head, so that anyone can get a perfect fit best suited to them.


Your passion for a sport is important, but so is your safety and security. That’s what makes the use of a reliable boxing head guard so imperative. The best part is that Xn8 Sports “Beat ‘em Series” Black Head Guard is as great in aesthetics as it is in safety and protection. Thanks to our exclusive Lamina hide leather upholstery in matte black finish, you get the classiest looking head protection, well supplemented with heavy duty stitching to ensure long-term use. On the inside, your head gets the fortification of multiple layers of highly condensed foam for shock absorption, packed up in the softness of a breathable sweat absorbing inner lining. In short, this is the kind of boxing accessory you grab on to if you want to step up to the next level.