Xn8 Sports Knee Support Brace 900

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ERGONOMIC DESIGN KNEE SUPPORT FOR MULTIPURPOSE USAGE: Xn8 Sports knee support brace open patella design makes it a truly multipurpose support brace with two secure pockets for hinges on either side. You can use it as a running knee support, knee support for skiing, and knee support for different types of sports.

A PAIN RELIEVER: Useful for getting rid of arthritis, muscle tear, and other acute pain at the knee, including bruises and knee cap dislocation. With this on, inflammation gets reduced and blood circulation considerably improves; thus, you have less swelling and fatigue.

TWO STURDY STRAPS: It features two hook and loop straps that keep this boxing knee brace in place, no matter you are running or frequently bending your knee. Further, these hook and loop straps make them easy to wear and remove. Available in small and medium sizes. Please note while ordering 1 quantity of this product, you’ll receive one knee support brace and not the pair. 

FEEL MORE POWERFUL: Our knee brace for running is ideal to provide you excellent support during activities that need extensive pressure on the joint, such as hiking, running, squash, tennis, football, and more. With this on, you can easily get to the peak of your physical performance.

EXCELLENT COMPRESSION: Not too tight, not too lose! Such gentle is the compression that this knee brace serves. It doesn’t restrict the muscle’s range of motion and with improved blood circulation, it contributes substantially to the rehabilitation of your injured muscles.


Xn8 sports knee support brace is one of the best ways to get rid of acute pain in the Knee region, whether due to patella dislocation or any other injury. It provides great compression to the knee that eventually improves blood circulation, which as a result helps speed up the recovery process. Thus, if you want to get fit and running again, this knee compression sleeve is the way to go. It is crafted with premium quality materials by skilled artisans, so it stays in working condition for years to come. Featuring two sturdy hook and loop straps that make it remain stable on your knee, no matter if you are bending your knee, running, or are engaged in activities that need you to put substantial pressure on the knee. Further, its open patella design keeps the patella safe and intact in its position.