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The Best Adjustable Ankle Weights: Wasting your money on different pairs of fitness ankle weights is pointless when a single pair of Xn8 Adjustable Ankle Weights can cater to all your varying needs. AVAILABLE AS A PAIR, 5lbs or 2.26kg is the maximum weight range of a single one, with the whole pair collectively weighing up to 10lbs/4.52kg.

One Pair Of Fitness Ankle Weights For All Your Fitness Needs: You get 5 neoprene pockets that host individual sand pouches to adjust weight range, where each of them weighs about 0.99lbs/0.45kg. This enables you to rack the weight up and down as per your need by adding or removing the pouches in their respective pockets. So, you can enjoy different weights for different activities with our best adjustable ankle weights.

One Size Fits All & Best Fit: Our one-size-fits-all hand and ankle weights measure 14.56 inches/37centimeters and boast of a strong hook & loop closure for a solid and reliable grip to fit wrists and ankles of different sizes well enough. There is also a metallic D-ring, which further supplements to their grip and adjustability.

Top Quality Neoprene Material: To make these adjustable weight ankle weights amply comfortable, breathable and durable, we have used soft and flexible but sturdy neoprene material, so that they can assist you desirably even through the longest sessions of physical activity. Similarly, there is a sturdy outer rim with reinforced stitching to hold everything in place.

Highly Versatile: One of the best things about our wrist and ankle weights for men, women and kids is their versatility. They spice up the resistance to optimise the outputs of your physical labour in a whole range of activities, such as walking, jogging, daily workout, ankle weights workout, core training and gym workouts, thus toning and strengthening your whole body.


Xn8 Sports Adjustable Ankle Weights can help you in numerous ways. These strap-on ankle weights for running are designed to increment the resistance level in everything you do in the most effective, comfortable and convenient manner, especially in different types of workouts, making sure your body has to tap into those long stored fat reserves. This leads you to reach your desired fitness level in significantly quicker time. The adjustability of weights is managed with by filling in or removing 5 individual weight pouches (filled with sand) in their respective neoprene weight pockets. The weight of every pouch equals to about 0.45kg/0.99lbs. The total weight can go up to 5 lbs/2.26kg in a single ankle weight, with the whole pair collectively weighing up to 10lbs/4.52kg.

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